Dublin Junior Hurling A Championship (JHC A) 2018


Dunnamaggin will be favourites for Leinster, usually a Kilkenny club that wins it


Maurs 1.22
Erin’s Own 1.9


Well done Maurs! Off to Callan next.


Congrats to Maurs


Brilliant result for Maur’s.


Congrats to Maurs, great win.


Well done Maurs. Keep it going.


Best of luck today in Callan to Maurs. Tough task but hopefully they come through.


Maurs 6-1 down after 10 minutes. Huge ask down there


8-1 after 11 :scream:


15-1 at ht … hardly a wind factor?! :thinking:


Says theres a breeze but 2 sheridans gone off injured as well


1.23 to 8 in the i think. Hard luck Maurs, huge year and alot to be proud of


Was unaware how the Kilkenny teams at inter and junior have an advantage. There is only 8 senior teams, 8 inter teams and then the rest junior. Essentially maurs were playing the 17th best team in Kilkenny today, having only come down from inter last year. Imagine that system in Dublin, only 8 senior teams, 8 inter and the rest junior.

I know population plays a part, but where hurling has such a massive following in Kilkenny, the standards must be incredibly high.

Bennettsbridge(KK) won Junior All Ireland in 2015, inter all all Ireland in 2016, and then lost senior final this year by 3 points to ballyhale. Goes to show how teams can jump up and win junior and inter all Ireland’s in space of a year


No wonder they win the Inter and Junior most years.


They’ve won 13 of last 17 Junior Leinster’s and 10 of last 14 Intermediate Leinster’s


Their inter champs Graigue Ballycallan led by Eddie Brennan hammered St Mogues by double scores in today’s semi. Mogue’s were Leinster junior champs last year. It is a bit skewed alright.


There’s 12 in senior and 12 in inter in Kilkenny. They were playing the 25th best team.


I was told it was 8 in both senior and inter by a Tipp man, he must have been unaware of the fact that there is 4 byes to the Quarter Final. I only counted 8 1st round teams in both Championships.
It slightly levels the playing field, but it’s still a big advantage to a hurling stronghold such as KK, their dominance at Inter and Junior in Leinster proves that somewhat


They’ve only got about 45 clubs in the county and 100K people.