Dublin Junior Hurling A Championship (JHC A) 2018


Gonna head down to meet some old Maur’s buddies and support!


If Maurs can keep a clean bill of health I think they can do well in this competition. I believe they have lads who have been carrying knocks the last few weeks.
The standard of Junior hurling in Dublin has been improving year on year. No longer is it full of sledgers and mediocre hurlers. This can only be a good thing for Dublin hurling.


Agreed, huge difference now to say 10-15 years ago.


Any scores updates?


Maurs up 2-07 to 0-08 at ht.


Maurs up 3-10 to 0-10 well into 2nd and looking good.


How did it finish chief?


Maurs won by 10


Sorry driving - 3-14 to 0-13, good performance. Carlow’s Erin’s Own next in QF. Kilkenny champs in that side of draw too.


Cheers lads, no bother!! Jesus it doesn’t get any easier! Fair play to maurs, keep her lit!


Were they the Laois inter champions?


They were yes.


I remember in 09 we won the intermediate championship and went into the Leinster junior. Got passed the Laois and Wicklow teams handy enough and got anihilated by the Kilkenny side in the final. They had 2 all ireland winners (panelists but still) and a kk u21 panelist at the time on their team. Would have given our senior B championship a right rattle. Can be hard to gauge the standard outside of senior when it comes to provincial and all ireland club because different counties have very different structures to ours. Well done to Maurs would be great to see them in a Leinster final and beyond.


Remember Scoil getting an awful hiding off Glenmore a few years ago, 6.15 to a point or something.


Slieve Bloom had a couple of lads who obv like their grub.


Well done to Maurs. Played in the same competition last year and it’s a great experience for all ages


As a few have previously said not much difference now in the top 4 in Junior A and the top 4 in Intermediate, all could beat each other on any given day. But the quick turnaround plus few celebratory pints won’t help Maurs cause today. The problem is Kilkenny junior champions are a grade ahead really, I think Offaly is the same.


Maurs won yesterday so dont play again until the 3rd against Erins Own of Carlow. The Offaly Inter champions are in this, aling with KK Junior champions. Wexford Inter A champions whatever that means.


Well done to St Maur’s. The run continues. Hope they enjoy a week’s rest.


Knockbridge 0-07
Dunnamaggin 2-21

Na Fianna 6-14
Crookedwood 1-10

Maurs v Erin’s Own next Sat due to death of visitors treasurer - RIP. Remaining game Wolfe Tones v Taghmon Camross tomorrow in Longford.