Dublin Junior Hurling A Championship (JHC A) 2018


yes JM was playing, accurate on the frees, his brother Paddy was influential as well.

Maurs were that bit better though Mearnog gifted them a few scores


AHL 4 is a strong league now, load of intermediate teams and Na Fianna senior b in recent years play AHL4, Cuala the 2nd string of the back to back all Ireland senior clubs champions, not much junior about that league anymore


Well done Maurs. Great achievement!
How did Eoin Conroy play?


Bit of a stretch , I’d say there’s not much difference between top 4 in ahl4 and all of ahl3 bar Thomas Davis , slys , towers and maybe Castleknoco


okay not fantastic

leg was heavily enough strapped, cian hendrickin man marked him


JM and Paddy only came back from Fingallians this year. The fella Kelleher from Cork is also a huge addition, fair play to Maurs they kept it going in Rush when it wasnt easy.


Didn’t JM try move to Vinnies 2 years ago or was that another fella?


Great result for the Maurs. Cagey enough affair that was tight until Maurs got that 4 point cushion near the end.
A couple of lengthy stoppages in the 2nd half meant there was just the 15 minutes of injury time :cold_sweat:


Yeh he did, played with Fins for another year then went to Maurs


Bad injury?


Well done Maurs.


About 7 mins for one of the Maurs lads (didn’t see who it was and I don’t know all these young fellas!).
Plenty of lads cramping up near the end.


Tommy played and was mostly marking their #14 (Kelleher from Cork). He kept him to only a few scores so did well when on him. He’s tidy alright, only 18 still I think.


Syls(AHL 3 winners) were beaten in the Inter Championship by Marks (AHL 4)
Isles (8th in AHL 2) were beaten in the Inter Championship by Cuala (AHL 4)
Scoil (9th in AHL 2) drew with Marks in the Inter Championship and may still be knocked out by them
Na Fianna(AHL 4) made quarter final of the Senior B championship.


Great achievement for St Maur’s. Great to see hurling thriving out there. Hopefully they can progress further and Mearnog will come back stronger next year.


The Maurs No 15 seemed to suffer a pretty serious knee injury and was in a lot of pain. In fairness the medical people looked after him well. Looked to me like a cruciate injury. Hope not and that he will be ok.


Fair point , although I doubt that na fiannas second team in championship is the same as their second team In league and the same with cuala. Slys are probably one of the most inconsistent teams around the pack


Where is @butchie? Still out celebrating!

Congratulations to Maurs.
Commiserations to Mearnogs.


Should be a great occasion for all in Lusk this weekend - best of luck to Maurs.


It will be interesting to see how Maurs progress in this tournament, if they do. Their opposition has had a 3-week break and this is not even a quarter-final stage game so a long road for whoever gets through.

I must say though I thought the standard of the Junior A Final was very high, I played Junior Hurling in Galway about 10-years ago and this game was way beyond what I remember that being. My guess would be that Junior A and Intermediate in Dublin has very little between them. Did others at the game think the standard was very high too?