Dublin Junior Hurling A Championship (JHC A) 2018


Where is O’Toole Park? Is it Lorcan O’Toole Park or is that a different ground(crumlins) ?


Same place @butchie You know you are in the big time now when you are getting brought out there


Thanks. we played a junior D final out there years ago


State of the art place and unreal changing rooms


Surpassed only by the spectator facilities and availability of parking.


Dublins very own Center of Excellence…it’s all the money you know !


And bring your snooker cue, the playing surface is immaculate


Bring your wallet too!!


Yeah thats the place lol


Maurs 24 Boden 13.
Close game for 45 mins. Nothing in it. Then maurs took over. Maurs play a great brand of hurling that requires serious fitness levels. How they keep it up for 60 mins is a testament to them.
As for our own lads we hurled great for 45 minutes but just couldnt sustain it and couldn’t keep up with maurs in the last 15.
Well done to maurs lads. Best of luck in final.


Who won the other semi final?




I’m hearing the final is now next Wednesday at 7:30pm under lights in Parnell Park. Anyone know why midweek?


That’s terrible if true


It’s up dublingaa now for 7:30pm on Wednesday.


Venue makes more sense than dragging Rush and Portmarnock out to O’Toole Park!!


And it will be dark in O’Toole Park.

I genuinely see no issue. Centre stage in the county ground.


If I had a championship final regardless of level I’d love to be able to go on the beer win lose or draw after it to celebrate a years worth of effort without having to think about work the next day.

Even trying to prep for it during work/college/school. Can’t be easy


Take a fcukin day off Alan … I mean Sneakers …


I think he is right but Parnell is obviously a more exciting place to play. I think this is the only game on as well that evening which means the place will be empty and dead. There’s a lot wrong with this but it looks like it had to be rushed through for the first round of the Leinster Junior Championship. The Junior B final seems to still be taking place on the Saturday in O’Toole Park.