Dublin Junior Hurling A Championship (JHC A) 2018


Boden 3.18
Commercials 2.12


That was tight alright Amigo


Mearnog beat Finians by 3 and Maurs beat Faughs by 2


Bit of a surprise there! Well done Boden. 1 league win all year but hammering AHL3 team.

What’s semi final draw?


If you ever want hurling tips you know where I am. :wink:
Tbh I didn’t expect such adifference between the teams. 2nd last in AHL3 v 2nd last in AHL4.


Things went right for our lads this eve. We haven’t had a settled team all year until the last few weeks. Long term injuries to our Captain and vice captain (both out till next year) early in the year along with a few other lads who had to pull out of the panel for various reasons - work, injuries etc really set us back for the league. Along with some lads having to sub up. A few lads have been brought up from the 2 teams below and they have settled well.
Maurs still the team to beat. It will take some team to beat them. Good effort by Faughs though.


Mearnog v Brigids
Boden v Maurs


Venues anyone?
I’ve heard conflicting reports.


Hasn’t even been considered yet.




Last year the semi finals were not in neutral venues


Faughs really put it up to Maurs and led for most of the match. They could well have been further ahead coming down the stretch - both teams had a fair few wides.
A late well-worked goal followed by a point sealed it for Maurs. Hopefully they can step it up a level against Boden.


Maurs were short a few big players I think


Yep - shipped a few injuries during the match as well.


Did the Sheridans ever go back to Maurs?


Yeh back this year


Boden are the great unknown of Championship Hurling, you wouldn’t know what they have available at any time below Senior.


Boden v Maurs
Sunday Oct 7 11.00 O’Toole


Any word or intermediate and junior B venues @amigo


Haven’t heard. Just our own club.
I presume o Toole will get plenty of use over that weekend.
Let’s hope it stays dry. :crossed_fingers: