Dublin Junior Hurling A Championship (JHC A) 2018


No surprise there.


No - winning the inter well too.


No doubt about it it was a good year for Maurs. The target was to get promoted and that was achieved.

The Leinster journey was treated like a bonus for the squad and they had despite been beaten by Dunamaggan had 3 bonus days.

For the match in Callan Maurs were short seven starters… Im not suggesting we would have beaten them but we definetley would have put up a better fight. It seems the harder we tried the more mistakes we made, simple passes not going to hand, fumbling balls stuff lads normally do with their eyes closed. That said Dunamaggen had 2 points on the board in first minute. JM Sheridan was a huge loss, broken thumb in training. He was missed in 1st 10 minutes when Maurs missed 2 frees he I am sure would have nailed. We also hit a few bad wides so we were chasing from the start. The biggest difference I felt was the pace in the Dunamaggan side which was unreal. Both corner forwards and wing forwards were electric their touch was superb and but for Jack Higgins 2 brilliant saves it could have been curtins much earlier… Their touch was also top drawer. They dropped nothing, the ball stuck to their hurls and they used it very well. They hit some great scores. They have had huge success in Kilkenny over the last 2 years winning I believe Minor A and U/21 last year and in Minor A Final again. Throw Noel Hickey into the heart of their defense and you have some platform.
Maurs got a hurling lesson and I felt lads were more disappointed at how as a team we played on the day especially after the year we had. JM was a huge loss to us and Colin Halpin who got injured in Dublin final was also a big loss. Paddy Sheridan getting injured in first half was like the hammer blow, Fiachra Mackey, Kevin Nugent also missing. They played a man drifting in front of Conroy and Kelliher and he picked up a lot of ball. I think Conroy should have been put in at Full forward earlier. He had a good second half.

Oisin Kelliher will be a big loss but he broke his shoulder in Dublin championship and we won a few games without him. The team is fairly young with the majority under 23 so the future is bright. They had a meeting last week with a plan laid out for next year and they are raring to go again. There is a great vibe around the hurling set-up We have about 10-12 minors coming through and 4 of them will push very hard for a place on the team.

The future is very bright for Hurling in Rush once we keep working hard with our juvenile teams. We dont have the numbers to be competing at juvenile Division 1 level but you dont have to be playing division 1 if you have a good structure and if we can maintain the flow of players coming along we should be ok.


Hopefully you can push on next year in league and championship.


Great season for you well done. Delighted to see MJ & Paddy Hurling again. Keep it up.:+1:t2:


I would agree with previous comments about the structure of Leinster club championship. It needs to be looked at where you would have only Junior clubs playing at this level.

It seems very unfair the championship is played and the real level some clubs are at. A club from weaker county like Laois, Carlow Westmeath Louth doesnt really have a chance? There is no point is some clubs even showing up. You might get away with it in football but not in hurling. Maybe Louth, Longford and the likes should be playing their senior champions in junior intermediate? Or maybe combined clubs from weaker counties should be let play?

Anyway Maurs back in action tomorrow morning at Low tide:grinning: One way to run the turkey off


This does happen already!