Dublin Junior Football Championship 2 (JFC 2) 2019


Seen that, joke how clubs will concede status like that to drop down and win a handy championship v teams up to 5 divs below rather than fight to stay at their level… should have been made fulfil fixture else all their teams in championship thrown out

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Rite lads was talking to a player from the team at weekend…at least 10 starters were either involved in a wedding or om holiday…asked the county board to postpone till the follow week or two and was rejected by Lucan(he said Lucan but it may of being a another club)dont agree that they are in the lower championship…will do us no good with a very young squad when we should be up fighting for junior A and division 6…

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Senior fixtures for 1st games are out so I imagine it won’t be long before all first round fixtures are out

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You’d assume they’d filter down, not seen Senior 2 posted online but know lads that have received them. All could be done!

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Any word on dates fixtures?


Think first round is 14th April.

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15:00 Starlights v Erin Go Bragh
15:00 Beann Eadair v Portobello

    Bye       v	Croi Ro Naofa 

15:00 Wild Geese v St Colmcilles

15:00 Cabinteely v Ballyfermot De Salle
15:00 Shankill Gaa v Rosmini Gaels

St Josephs OCB 	v	Bye 

15:00 Stars of Erin v Wanderers


Cheers, @Jedi .


Sunday 14th April, 3pm.

Group A:
Starlights vs Erin Go Bragh
Beann Eadair vs Portobello

Group B:
Croi Ro Naofa-BYE
Wild Geese vs St Colmcilles

Group C:
Cabinteely vs Ballyfermot DLS
Shankill vs Rossmini Gaels

Group D:
Stars of Erin vs Wanderers
St Josephs OCB-BYE

Interesting to see how Wanderers get on, on league status they should be overwhelming favourites for this.


Bit of a mismatch. Stars of Erin might run them close.


I think stars and wanderers will be close too, stars arent a bad team. Howth and porto should be close too.
Ballyfermot will give some hammering to cabinteely as will rosmini to shankill, div 11 first teams should maybe have a separate champo even if only 4/5 take part


Would there really be much between a team at the bottom of Division 6 and an unbeaten side in Division 8…


Have played both. And wanderers are a lot better. Unless maybe they lost a few players this year


Wild geese beat cilles well. not sure of score


Wanderers 2:10 stars 1:4


joeys seem stronger in hurling that football these times


5-20 to 0-10. Geese got goals at crucial times, cilles certainly not a bad side. Would expect them to regroup for next round and get out of the group.


Jesus some win for Wanderers. I would have had Stars as one of the favourites!


Beann Eadair beat Portobello by a point.


Ballyfermot 2-20 Cabinteely 1-09