Dublin Junior Football Championship 2 (JFC 2) 2019


By their results in the J1 Championship last year doesn’t look they fielded a team in any of the games


There was zero Div 8 teams in the play offs.

My mistake as well St Kevin Killians were the only D8 side in Junior 1 last year, thought there was 2.


If that’s the case it’s not good…never nice to see clubs struggling


With Liffey Gaels amalgamated surely there is no need for Wanderers to drop down a championship.


But there were no playoffs once wanderers condeded they were automatically relegated…i know they (Kevins) may not have finished bottom of their group but was there a bye or a kind draw? Wanderers as someone above said may not have fielded at all…@stato82 was the amalgamation involving wanderers?


No Liffey Gaels joined up wih Good Counsel. Gaels were in junior championship last year so surely Wanderers shouldn’t put into lower competition as there is only 15 teams now?


Is that a full club amalgamation all in?


I presume it is.


Rite as a ex Wanderers player from yesteryear…its a bit harsh on the other teams in this competition…but…strange things happen…dont be suprised if they dont win it…


Hardly right that good council/Liffey can have 2 teams in champo and other clubs have there 2nd team in the all county.


Could be proven wrong but apart from being a division 6, their results from last year’s championship mean it looks like JFC 2 is where they belong


Counsel/Liffey Gaels are not in this junior championship.


Does that leave 15 in both Inter and Junior champs?


Yes not sure why 15 only in intermediate. Was there 16 last year?


Lusk promoted and the bye relegated AFAIK


Yeah filled up Senior 2, only had 15 last year.


I imagine as someone said on a previous thread it’ll make its way down to junior 2 (the bye)


Yeah say it was arranged prior to the amalgamation, leading a few higher ones short.


What relegation po did they not field in…strange that they dont seem to know what game this is…


Conceded vs Civil Service per Dublin GAA website.