Dublin Junior Football Championship 2 (JFC 2) 2018


Yeah Richie was a great man to have off the bench he’s been training with us the last 3 months and been waiting on his transfer to come though which lucky for us did last week.


where did he transfer from?


Lucky he didn’t play any championship with his other club, was a real game changer.


He hasn’t played at home in a few years so he was grand to play.


I watched this game Monday, I just checked the league position of Ranelagh, if you had that team out every week you would easily be AFL 5/6

I think no 30 still needs a transfer .


His name is on transfer list .transfer date Sunday. Just in time for game.


We’re the Ballyfermot/Ranlaigh Gaels teams named in programme? Is there a fine if player not named on team sheet and plays match?


What was the refs performance like in the final?


We struggled with a trainer for the first half of the year had 3 different ones no one could commit to it. Two of the lads playing for the team ended up taking it over and got it stable and then we had alot of players either injured or away with work so was very hard to keep consistency on the pitch, even for the final we were missing one of our starting mid-fielders. Hey was transferred alright we got the go ahead from the county board he wouldn’t have set foot on the pitch if he wasn’t eligible to be played.


He wasn’t to bad let the game flow didn’t seem to favour either side but a netural might say different


The number 30 wasn’t named anywhere in the programme, can see on official transfers that his transfer came through on Sunday.

Crowd of Good Counsel men in front of me were convinced he was a ringer.


Yeah he was grand, I’d heard 6 minutes added, I missed first 5 mins of second half just don’t know where he got 10 mins added time from… Lots of subs but few stoppages.


There was a fairly long stoppage for one of there players been down and he also said he’d add on time for any stoppages in injury time a few of the lads from ballyfermot were down with cramp so I think he was adding for that


Some Refs ONLY stop the game for Head or serious injuries.


Yeah that be normal enough but don’t think he had any time for time wasters he told our keeper he’d add on time for any slow kick outs trying to waste time, so I say he was doing the same for lads with cramp, we had it on the side line that it was 8 min injury time he was playing and it ended up at nearly 10.