Dublin Junior Football Championship 2 (JFC 2) 2018


Not a directive as such per this … but a strong suggestion …


Similar to selling rights to Sky and the likes


Nothing like it whatsoever.


It’s expensive if you’ve no intention of watching the Senior game, with the select few of the crowd following Ranelagh/Ballyfermot.


that is my point porto, Ranelagh is rugby territory the only locals in attendance will be those with kids in the underage academy and they may not feel like paying 20 in even if their kids want to go see the team they aspire to be in when they grow up.


Probably too late but the county board should have a batch of tickets for the junior clubs to distribute at a tenner a pop for their supporters.


Jaysus nobody in Ranelagh is short of a score …


May need convincing to part with it …


Fairly dumbfounded at the refereeing appointment for this final. Would love to know the reasoning behind it. Reffed by him numerous times in the lower leagues and he’s extremely poor.


where did you get this info Counsel? the semi result wasn’t even put on dublingaa.ie


Have to go to all fixtures, and you’ll see it for next Monday.


Thanks Porto, should be a great game.
Never heard of any Ranelagh players, take it no county men at any stage?
Read the report in the Herald that some Smith fella in the forwards did the damage for Ballyfermot v Portobello, probably the man to watch in the final


Well there’s one lad that played a few league games with his home county a long time ago but other than him we have no county players, maybe in the future we’ll produce one or two!


Was around Ranelagh earlier and fair play a good few houses are decorated for the Final. Mind you the white cobwebby jerseys must be unusual as well as the pumpkin crest.


Sound more like you were doing a bit of early trick or treating Dub09.


Well done to Ranelagh who came through after extra time. Late goal looked like the lad miss-hit it but ANY goal in a Final is a screamer!! Hard luck to Ballyfermot who put up a good fight right to the end.


Have to say proud to be a member of Ranelagh Gaels even though I’m in England now. Great to see the lads win today. Real up and coming club, still a very young club. Wish I was in Dublin celebrating with them tonight.


Congrats Ranelagh, mighty club doing massive work.


We’re delighted tonight thanks to Ballyfermot for a great match today


Well done to Ranelagh on edging it, number 30 came on and really gave them a foothold in possession (not named programme). Have to feel for Ballyfermot, equaliser 9 and half mins into injury time.