Dublin Junior Football Championship 2 (JFC 2) 2018


Rosmini 2-16 EGB 1-12


Any word when the second semi final will be played?


Ballyfermot won 0-14 to 1-8.


Has to be this weekend, final scheduled for Bank holiday Sat


I’ve heard from Rossmini lads that their semi final is the bank holiday weekend.


I seriously doubt that as these finals have to be ran off before Oct bank holiday weekend… then again there’s no Leinster round for the winners of this so probably not under the same pressure


Ranelagh haven’t heard any date as of yet. We were expecting it would be played this weekend, with the final on the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend.


Final fixed for Parnell Park at 3pm on Bank Holiday Monday

Semi final between Rosmini & Ranelagh fixed for 2.30pm this Sunday


They are hardly playing the Junior 2 final before the Senior final at 5pm on the Bank Holiday Monday.


That will destroy parking for the senior final alright


Could be all south side teams playing that day if Ranelagh manage to win on Sunday against Rosmini


2 teams from the southside and 2 from the country :stuck_out_tongue:


Very true for Ranelagh anyway don’t think we have any dubs on the team this year lol.


To be fair Ranelagh have at least 1 Dub in the team and he’s doing serious work with their underage teams. There isn’t a club in Dublin that didn’t start with a load of country lads in their teams. It’s when the path for juvenile members is blocked that it becomes an issue.


Yeah there’s one or two that are there on and off. There be no block for juvenile members when the time comes that we have some old enough to play with the men’s team, there’s plenty looking forward to seeing it.


Cracker of a match today between Rosmini and Ranelagh ended up 4-10 to 3-11 to Ranelagh


Rosmini thought they were one point behind near the end as most of them hadn’t noticed that a point was disallowed because the player who took the mark handed the ball to another player who scored.


Well done to Ranelagh, should be a cracker of a final in Parnell Park on Monday.
Anyone else think 20 euro is steep into a county final, even if there are two games on?


It was €25 into Cork final last week. €20 yesterday for two finals was good value. €10 for OAPs too. Can’t understand the moaning about prices when at least the money goes back into the game.


A Croke Park directive!!!