Dublin Junior Football Championship 2 (JFC 2) 2018


You lads have Joey’s OCB away. If you look at all upcoming fixtures then scroll to page 6 or 7… can’t remember exactly what page they are on.


Yeah I think there’s a few groups to be tidied up, Ranelagh and Stars of Erin have their final group games to play… Couldnt find any other semi final fixtures.


As do Starlights and Erin go Breagh.


Ranelagh are through to the Q/F without having to play a single game in the group stages. It’s a bit of a joke really, we’d have rather played the games, it turns the Championship into a straight knock out, instead of what it was meant to be


You were rather unfortunate in the case of drawing that group, some may say fortunate as you’re in a QF without a game played. Hard to know if the new system will work perfect, chance of division 6 drawing division 11 sides next season.


Could even be division 5 teams.
3 of the 4 teams in JFC1 relegation games are in with a (outside) chance of getting promoted to AFL 5.


I think they made a complete mess of the championships when they had a chance to bring them more in line. Many lads here over the years had suggested structures that evened it up, but the opportunity is gone now. Example where I just commented on the ACJC5 where there are teams from div 7 to 11. They should have kept it to a minimum of 1 division betweem any team in the groups. 2 divisions is too much, nevermind 4


Agreed for the all county competitions.

However for the JFC1 and JFC2 I think it’s been ran as it should be. There are plenty of Division 7 teams in JFC1, but none of them finished bottom of their groups, so none of them are involved in relegation.
There will probably be a 2 division gap next year between 1 team and the next highest, unless

  1. Innisfails get relegated in both league and Championship, That would leave them in Div 7 and JFC2.
  2. If Stars of Erin don’t win JFC2 this year, and do get promoted from the league, that would leave them in AFL 7 and JFC2 next year also.

But other than them 2 scenarios there will be an AFL 6 team in JFC2 next year, with the next highest league team being AFL 8.
And as I said above, there’s still an outside chance that there could be an AFL 5 team with next highest being AFL 8 in next years JFC2.
Not ideal, but it’s the way it worked out this year with the relegation throwing all AFL 6 teams against each other.


Only 2 quarter finals down this weekend, I know there’s one group game to be played as yet in Group A, but is a 3rd Quarter final scheduled?


How many do you want?


Quarters; a bad typo…

Is Ranelagh vs Stars of Erin to be played this weekend?


No doesn’t look like it’s going to be played this weekend we haven’t been informed of any date for it yet


It’s a pity if this drags out, you’d hope the remaining two quarters be next weekend.


Portobello 2-18 - 0-1 St Joseph’s OCB


Erin go bragh 0:14 Starlights 2:04


Last group game?


Yes a re fixed game which was abandoned before, game was awarded to EGB by the ccc but an appeal by starlights led to an over rule due to a legality


Think the score was 0:14 to 2:4 to EGB in the end.


Portobello vs Ballyfermot (SF)
Ranelagh vs Stars of Erin (QF)
Rossmini vs Erin go Bragh (QF)

All of these to played Sunday the 14th of October, I’m led to believe.


Ranelagh 0:12 Stars of Erin 1:8