Dublin Junior Football Championship 1 (JFC 1) 2018


Craobh Chiaráin had a deserved win over Na Gaeil Óga. Great game of football and well done to Craobh, I hope they go on to win it now and leave the league to us😉


Goals win matches! Thought was going to be a tight tense finish but not to be. Best of luck to Crumlin in rest of championship, sound group.


Great defensive display from Craobh this morning game was very scrappy… Be very hard for Craobh to win league now you lads would have too drop 3 points from 2 games


How did Monica’s vs man o war go


Man o war won by 7


Big win there especially away from home.


Draw be interesting now

Man O War

Mow favorites


Nobody here gave them a hope against Monicas


Crumlin v Craobh
Finnians V Man O War

Semi final draw


I fancied Monicas as thought after knocking on the door so long and with new format it would suit them. However think your wrong in saying everyone went for Monicas as DublinforLiam wentfor them above.
Craobh I feel will beat Crumlin and other will be close.


Monica’s, unfortunately, aren’t as strong as 3 or 4 years ago. I think we would have won it under the new format back then but it wasn’t to be.
As for being favourites, Man of War won the league encounter between the two earlier this year and have had a much better league to date. I would have said they were favoured to win the game beforehand but I didn’t want to be accused of Yerraism :wink:.

Best of luck to Man of War in their semi final. In fact, best of luck to all four teams. It will be close in both games, I reckon.


Prediction Craobh to beat Crumlin but Crumlin will say it was a few dodgy decisions by the ref that was why they lost :point_up::joy::joy:

Too close to call in the other semis


A few dodgy decisions by the ref yesterday and we still won! Hallelujah

Fair play to Morans, good footballing side


Are semis netural?


Are yous ever happy with any refs down in Crumlin :joy::joy: carrickjunior


In fairness the levels of refereeing is poor. Zero consistency with decisions. To many That never played the game


Craobh had a man sent off yesterday and TBH it was a bad decision. Referee was so inconsistent in the game. Oga were hard and off the ball threw it about. But referee I felt was out of his depth


To much of it going on with refs. Didn’t expect that from oga. But it they were doing it off the ball Ciarans won’t put up with it and rightly so and not surprised one was sent off.


Lads 1st round of Leinster is down for the same day that the Dublin Final is due to be played. With the winners drawn away to europe champions. Could Dublin Final be now brought forward?


Is there even a draw done for the semis yet?

Could be a case of final Saturday, into Leinster Sunday.