Dublin Junior Football Championship 1 (JFC 1) 2018


And down in Munster recently enough, several Dr Crokes players helped UCC win Cork and then gave them a hiding in the Munster Club Champo. Daithi Casey and Kieran O Leary among them.


The dodgy decision in the NGO v Crumlin match was from open play…

Ref made it about himself a lot of the time which cast a small shadow on a great match for a division 6 game. For me NGO are the most talented football team I’ve played against this year, but Ciaran’s energy levels are insane


I’m not a member of that club but I would have to disagree. Do English speaking clubs force kids to speak English? Na Gael Oga are offering an outlet / extension of their school ethos and something new for the area. If people don’t like the language then there are lots of other clubs.


Maith sibh! A number of our players go to various gaelscoileanna and some of the coaches speak Irish. Hoping to get a few friendlies against ye to improve our Irish…


Strange that the 4 teams in the relegation playoffs to drop to JFC2 are all Division 6 teams.
Highest team in JFC2 currently is Division 8!

It’s very possible there will be 1 Division 6 team in JFC2 next year (Innisfails are the only ones in danger of getting relegated in league) and the rest in Div 8 or lower (Stars of Erin are the only ones currently in JFC2 who can get promoted up to 7)!


Was trying to figure that one out myself… the grading for football championship must work different to the hurling?




Fairly obvious what he meant beeko, and after seeing both teams playing this year, I’d agree fully!


Fair enough, but you’d swear it was confined to the two clubs he has mentioned.

Funnily enough, I remember playing Skerries many, many years ago and, having a few pints after in your clubhouse, one of your lads said you’s were always looked upon as the soft boys of Fingal. :wink:


Thats right, we were more interested in playing football Beeko…

If you were still playing it was probably before my time anyway, don’t think I’ve ever played against Monicas. Funny you say that, I dont ever recall being bullied in a match by any team, few tried alright, maybe it changed in and around when I started playing :rofl:


Yeah, I don’t get it… I find that any player who tries bullying or verbals is doing so out of his own insecurities and self-doubt and, more often than not, it doesn’t work.


Donaghy has his own thread


Id expect a bit of a crowd at Craobh *& Oga the weekend is St catherines park in Lucan or is it Adamstown?




Cheers @Unicorn… Is it a good pitch for a Qauter final a public park is not really a great choice is it I know its only Junior Level but maybe neutral venues would have being a lot better for both sides


No, average enough pitch TBH


Thats a pity for a Q-final for both set of players. Be interesting too see who Craobh have out as pointed out before here Hurlers etc. Id imagine Oga will be getting a completely different side to the one that played them on the 1st game of the season

man O war and Monicas will be another good game.
Could be interesting who comes out of that game MOW Favs for the overall with there league position

Could Ger Morans topple Crumlin Also

St James Gaels also going well and at home to finnians…

I think all 4 home teams could go through


For me.
Some great matches that are tough to call. Agree neutral venues would have been fitting.


I’d go with:


Crumlin beat Morans by 6pts. 3 Crumlin goals in 2nd half proved the difference. Good game hampered be ref.