Dublin Junior Football Championship 1 (JFC 1) 2018


very good. Good to see new clubs and they seem to have something unique which gives them a good chance at growing


We are Lucan based at underage. We have our two Acadamh groups for under 5 and under 6. We add new teams each year.
We have Boys and Girls mixed under 8, and 10 (football & hurling) and Girls under 9 (football & Camogie) and Boys under 9 (football & hurling) in competions. Our under 7 team is together for 3 years now & ready to go in hurling & football.
All the kids come from Gaelscoil Naomh Pádraig & Gaelscoil Eiscir Riada in Lucan. We have about 200 kids playing with us. All as Gaeilge.


I ignored your dodgy decision comment previously. The one “dodgy” decision made in the game was when one of your players was judged to be in the box when he flicked the ball into the net directly from a free kick. The ref said he was in the box before the ball went into the box which YE ACCEPTED but your players & management were arguing that the rule was whether he was in the box when the free was KICKED - in other words that he went in before the ball but after the ball was kicked which is the general rule but does not apply to frees. The ref was 100% right & most of your players accepted that when the rule was explained. There was no other “dodgy” decision.


Great stuff from everyone at your club. How do yous fancy your chances in the 1/4 final now against craobh yous should win after destroying them first day out really, what do you think yourself?


Do you accept fellas with a poor grasp of the Irish language?



Can read nothing at all into first match. Craobh did not have their hurlers & had only 14 players. Their manager, I think, stood on the pitch as the 15th player. One of their players was injured & they had no subs so it was really 13 against 15 for most of the game. Impossible to predict based on that but should be a good match.


We accept adults who have a limited amount of Irish. But like our other players they have to speak Irish all the time. Depends on the person but for someone who goes for it, they should be fluent in 6 to 8 weeks. We have a number of players who were in Irish classes and heard about us and came to play to improve Irish. 4 of our first 20 were weak when they came & are fluent now.
We only accept kids from Gaelscoileanna in Lucan. We also have 3 or 4 families not from Lucan who speak Irish at home.


so you would turn away a kid that couldnt speak irish doesnt seem a very nice thing to do.


Most children who start in Gaelscoileanna have no Irish, 95% of them. All children in Lucan can register with a Gaelscoil to learn Irish if they want to play for us. If a child comes to us with an interest in learning Irish we mention this to them & if older we also offer them a scoláireacht to the Gaeltacht.
Lucan/Sarsfields are in the area to cater for them through English.
Put it another what if a child came to your club asking to play soccer. Would you turn him/her away? Would that be a nice thing to do?


Hopefully seems to be the tie off the round aswell as the Monica’s man o war game some great teams left in this it’s anyones on any giving day I suppose.


why would a child come to a GAA club to play soccer tats nonsense. so your saying if a kid who no interest in learning to speak irish but really wanted to play GAA you would turn him/her away.
i have a child with learning difficulties and the thoughts of him been turned away from a GAA club cause he cant speak irish is just silly.


Of course it’s nonsense👍 Just like a child who has no interest in Irish coming to play with an Irish speaking club. He would go to Lucan Sarsfields. We are not forcing people to speak Irish or even to like Irish we are just facilitating people who want to speak Irish & play Gaelic games.


I should also say that we have players with learning difficulties and they are more than welcome.


you kind of are forcing them to speak irish if they want to play for your club it could be a kid thats friends with a kid from your club but doesnt speak irish it could be a kid from your clubs cousin tat wants to play with their cousin but because they cant speak or learn irish you wont let them join your club it is complete and utter nonsense.


You are entitled to your opinion.


I wasn’t suggesting you were playing players that weren’t registered just to be clear. Was a genuine question as this does happen in clubs, particular clubs with a large non dub membership. No need to be so defensive. Best of luck in the next round


Why would any parent send their kids to a sporting club where the kids couldn’t understand the coaches?
Can’t see this ever being an issue for them!


For reasons I stated above if a kid had a friend or even cousin tat wanted to play sport with them it could easily happen.


Does McCrabbe still play football for Craobh Chiarain?