Dublin Junior Football Championship 1 (JFC 1) 2018


pretty sure craobh got to the semi final of the intermediate champiponship 2 years ago not 100% on tat now but im pretty sure they only got relegated to AFL 6 after giving to walk overs in 5 the year before they have some really good footballers tat are playing well below there level


I’m nearly certain your right they were beaten in the intermidiate semis 2 years ago. Ino craobh have a few players back from the hurlers and that but could they make that big of a difference oga did destroy them the first day out. Are these games neutral venues ?


pats of donabate were the team tat beat them and only by 2 points and there holding there own in AFL 3 so craobh for me are far from a division 6 team dont no how true it is but i heard not one of there hurlers played in the first few league matches for them until after there first 2 hurling champoship matches had been played there manager had to stand in against oga in the first game


Oh I get ye didnt realise there manger had to stand in aswell, so should be a good game between two good sides. Seen as it was an open draw will these games be neutral ???


Should be a really good game don’t no about the neutral venues for the football I no the hurling was an open draw aswell and the first team drawn out was at home if I’m not mistaken


Darren starting a new job down in Westmeath shortly. Sound man.


Geraldine Morans from Div 7 beat Finians from Div 4 yesterday. Have added loads of quality from other parts of the country so divisions can be misleading in that sense I think


That’s very true I think the overall spread if teams in last 8 tell you that
3 Division 4
3 Division 6
2 division 7

Anybody can beat anybody in the day and as stated above a lot if lower leagues will have influx of none dubs playing who will lift the standard… man o war those have to be Favs leading afl 4 with some strong clubs 2nd teams such as Vincent etc.


Majority of their team is from Dublin. Great achievement for club who were in AFL11 six/seven years ago. Every club always has few players from other counties.


Do Oga have the same Championship team as league team? Always the same rumours once a few country accents are heard on any team that a large number play Champo in their home county so only play league in Dublin.

This doesn’t seem o be the case going by Champo results. Quite a few dubs by the sounds of things as well


Do you believe everything you hear in the pub? :wink:


depends what time I hear it :slight_smile:


Im sure there is a few lads @ Oga who will head back home for the championship. The cloeset game they have got in league terms was Crumlin and a few dodgy decisions were made in that game.


I’d be very surprised if that’s the case


madness how one can play league and championship with different clubs in the same country IMO



McNamee won a Dublin title with them and then helped knock them out of Leinster …


All of the NGÓ players are registered with us. All our players DO play at home as their home club is NGÓ & home county is now Dublin. We have no interest in short term gains and do not accept anyone who is not willing to give full commitment to the growth and ideals of the club - the Irish language in particular. We are trying to build a senior club (in all codes) for our underage players and we have no interest in fucking around with uncommitted players in the meantime. We hope to be in Div 3 football in 5 years when our underage players become adults & hopefully lead us on to Senior status.


Where are your underage based? Do they play through Irish as well?


Can you give us the Irish for that? It might come in handy!


Think they based in Lucan? There a Irish school there.