Dublin Junior Football Championship 1 (JFC 1) 2018


Agree a great club. Lot of great done by spuds(who posts on here) and Co at juvenile level which is paying off adult level now as fielding 2 teams. Wasn’t long ago they were struggling in AFL 11. They got a couple decent lads from Clare who would have played senior football down there.


There will be no one safe in this match, eyes in the back you’re head needed!!


For me personally I cant see anyone beating Chiarans. Monicas 2nd best team.


Really what about man o war or na gaeil oga a team that have already beaten them.


Ciarans v NGO will be the match to go and see!

NGO beat them first game of the season, and Ciaran’s have since gone the rest of the league unbeaten


Craobh will need a plan for marking MacNiallais which is easier said than done. I’d be tipping NGO for the win


Definitely not, 10 of starting 15 local Dubs. Non Dubs may be a bit mouthier!

How many non locals on your and Panama Hat’s club team? Few underage Gers players now playing with neighbouring clubs, reality has to be dealt with.


Is Darren Magee a full GPO with the club?


Is there a shield for teams who finish 3rd in their group?


I doubt it


Should be a cracking game, I was out watching the Craobh vs Liffey game yesterday. Liffey Keeper made 3 great saves to keep the score looking alright. Craobh flying.


id imagine it will be a very different craobh side from the first league match with craobh out of the hurking im sure all there focus will be on this now a very young fit team should be a good game


Liffey Keeper made 3 world class saves. With Craobh out of the hurling it will be a completely different side and it will be 15v15 this time and not 15v14. Interesting game alright. Still think Man O war and Finnians Favourites for this


This the guy that was on Underdogs???


Yes someone was saying that he also scored about 5 points from frees for them very good keeper. And kept the score respctable Chariains Very fit and a young team.

I think i counted at least 10 of there senior hurling panel playing yesterday

Will these games be played in neutral ground or 1st out have home advantage?


Yes, a few of his team mates mentioned he didn’t make the cut for it, he done well. Really good game though, standard difference seen in the last 10 minutes. Craobh, Oga or Man o War to win it.


Lads surely MOW are massive favs for this, some people on here get a bit over excited when teams lower down the divisions do well. 2nd/3rd spot in AFL4 should be able to beat any division 6 barring something disastrous happening.


Oga had a massive amount of players join this year, agreed that Man O War should be walking this but Oga way below there level this year.


You are discounting the fact that Craobh Chiarain are probably a better team than their Div 6 status suggests due to the fact that they focus more on hurling - especially at league level.


I would still highly doubt theyd be top of AFL4 with a full team.