Dublin Junior Football Championship 1 (JFC 1) 2018


Really, thought you would have at least got a home draw for topping your group


When is the draw due to be done does anyone know?


craobh 18 Liffey Gaels 11. Craobh top the group one

Any other results lads?


Gers beat Finians 3-11 to 3-10 and now top the group with 5 points as a Div 7 team.

Gers were 5 points down at end of normal time and scored 2 goals in injury time to win:

Finians are through as well with 2 wins.


Peno decision was a joke, but to be fair we couldn’t shake Ye’s at any stage when we were ahead , great result and best of luck going forward!!


True. Was a harsh penalty against ye at the end:

However, the Ref was giving equally soft decisions to both teams all day and ye benefitted from that when ye were given two penalties in the game and the first one was also soft after your forward had taken 7 steps or so. Should have been a free out for over carrying. Your second “penalty” was a free in as the foil happened outside the 14.

Best of luck to ye in the quarter finals.
A very good team.


Tomato tomato , good luck



That cant be correct … 1st in A and B play each other in QFinal? Surely incorrect… Or was that drawn out?


Open draw man


Are there any Dubs in that Ger Morans club?


Definitely in the minority going by the accents I heard when watching them recently. Solid team!


Neutral venue for these games is it ?


Lots of dubs - roughly half of our squad are from the area.


Anyone have that full email? Need to see junior 5 draw


Oga and craobh should be a cracker


10 of the starting 15 dubs. 4/6 subs dubs. Struggling to see the argument


Ah in fairness, they are a great club! I have been watching from afar for years.
Proper rural club stuck in between two super giants club in Crokes and Cuala.
Great to see keep it up lads


Monica’s vs man o war should be a good one to.


Morans had??? Have they recently returned from stints out west?