Dublin Junior Football Championship 1 (JFC 1) 2018


He will play id imaging now that Craobh are out of the hurling some other lads who could play football for them from Senior Hurling panel could make them a outsider for this they got to the inter Semi final not too long ago


Did Finians (N) play Wanderers? Result?


Yes, Finians won well!


Favourites for it, I reckon.


No results up from Group 3. Anyone have any idea?

Man O War vs Kevins Killians

Civil Service vs Na Gaeil Oga


Man O War won anyway. Not sure of score.


Does anyone know how the Q-final draw works out is it a open draw of the 8 teams left or is it 1st V 2nd in another group can anyone confirm :+1:


1st v 2nd in the next group I believe (1st in A v 2nd B etc etc)


@hancock do you know the pairings of these scenarios such as 1st Group one V 2nd in Group 3 etc.?


As far as I know it’s pair as Group 1 and 2 and the night Group 3 and 4


Quarters and Semis are open draw, only team you can’t play is a team you played in a group



@BuzzMcDonnell Cheers for clearing that up so them draws will be complete after the final game id imagine cheers.


Apologies if this has been asked before (probably a number of times), but if 3 teams finish on the same points does it get decided on points difference in the games between those 3 teams?


As far as I’m aware


Cheers Buzz


looks like group 4 decided with Crumlin & St James through

All other 3 groups 3 teams can qaulify you wouldhave to imagine Man O War, monicas and Finians fancy this to win it Oga from Div 6 also a threat maybe craobh also. Anybody think otherwise


Will the teams that top their group still get home advantage in the 1/4 finals if its an open draw?


No because 1st from group A can draw first from group B etc


Would it not be neutral venues for the quarter and semi finals?


doubt it, junior football doesnt get much respect in Dublin.
Semis probably will.