Dublin Junior Football All County Championship (JAC 1) 2018


Raheny beat Na Fianna after extra time by a couple.Raheny got goal at end if normal time to draw.Good game of football


Anyone get the draw for the semi final?


Raheny v Crokes
Ballymun v TSS


Any venues?


Is it 1st team drawn out gets home advantage?


Usually is home & away for junior semi’s.


What happened with Clontarf at the weekend. Very good team. Ballymun must be very good


Just beaten by a better team on the day really, can have no complaints


Pal of mine from Skerries was there said he didn’t see the first red did you catch what it was for? Also said there was another red in second half, busy day for the ref!

surprising result maybe but having seen TSS earlier in the year playing our lads they are a good side


Saw the first and it was a red but not always given. Pm me if you want more. Wont put it on forum. Didnt see a second red but had the kids so might have missed something but dont think so.

Wasn’t a bad tempered match. A bit fiesty for the start but 100% to be expected and just strong champo stuff after that.

I think that’s fair Harper…?


Wrong match. That was the night before in sen b on the same pitch against fins… this thread is the junior a champo… match was Harps v TSS


No idea, wasn’t at the match myself and only got a short report that there were 2 sendings off


Sorry… Mistaken identity. Thought you were playing Sunday morning…


Nope, not even in the country!


Any thoughts how this weekends games will go?


I definitrly think our lads (TSS) can do it this weekend but a big leg up for both raheny and the mun having home advantage at this stage in the comp…


Raheny beat Crokes by 3


Anything from Ballymun v TSS. Couldn’t Get there the morning…


Ballymun won as far as Im aware


Lads excuse my ignorance but what’s the difference between Junior 1 C’ship and Junior 1 All-County C’ship. I presume Junior 1 C’ship is a higher accolade. Back in the day of the dinosaur (my day), Junior ‘A’ was the top competition to win at Junior level. Thanks.