Dublin Junior Football All County Championship (JAC 1) 2018


What happens now?

Winner of A vs B runner up
Winner of B vs A runner up
Winner of C vs D runner up
Winner of D vs C runner up

Or is it a draw?


2nd Group D v 1st Group C
2nd Group C v 2nd Group A
1st Group D v 2nd Group B
1st Group A v 1st Group B

That’s what it is according to something I saw earlier!
Assuming these pairings must be from a draw? Looks like same draw covers all of the Junior championships!


Is this Skerries score correct?


14-6 to Skerries according to Hill16


Draw is wrong on hill16 for quarter finals,n.a. fianna finished runners up in group 4 not ballinteer




Ballymun v Clontarf
Skerries v TSS
Na Fianna v Raheny
Kilmacud v Fingallians

Due to be played 30th Sept at 11am


Did a couple of those teams that finished top get away qf’s? Probably covered elsewhere but that’s bonkers stuff.


Clontarf & Raheny both finished top I think. Open draw, mad but sure thats hopefully something DCB will fix next season


It’s a complete open draw, so no advantage to any club who finished top of their group. Same at all levels, from Senior down! Madness


Is there an automatic relegation for giving 2 walkovers in the league? Seems a bit unfair that Mearnog will go into the relegation playoff after fulfilling all their fixtures while Peregrine’s only fielded for 1 game out of 3


We (Whitehall) are in a relegation playoff with Ballyboden. They had 2 home games in the group stages as did we.

FWIW I think the groups should be done similar to the Super 8s - 1 home, 1 away, 1 neutral.
It would be easy enough to arrange too. Use the grounds of the teams in the group for example:

A v B in A home ground
C v D in C home ground
A v C in neutral venue (D or B home ground)
B v D in neutral venue (A or C home ground)
A v D away to D
C v B away to B


Shouldn’t have been that difficult to follow a sane approach in final group standings reflecting on knock out draw. Basic stuff but somehow they managed to avoid doing it :roll_eyes:


Who are people picks for this weekend?


All 4 look very hard to call. Clontarf flying, but Mun at home will be no pushover. TSS will give Skerries enough of it too you’d have to think. Na Fianna Raheny coin toss too. Na Fianna at home could be the difference. Depending on who Crokes have out home advantage might get them through as well. Fins never fear anyone though. In short, haven’t a clue!


Looks like 4 good matches

Na Fianna

Wouldn’t mind getting to see the lot…




It’s Fingallians, does that change things ?!

For me

Na Fianna


Ballymun 0-15 Clontarf 0-10. Good game of football, Ballymun stronger on the day


Harps 1.7 - TSS 3.11.

Very enjoyable game. Both teams gave it everything. Harps lost a man to straight red mid 1st half which allowed synger to manage the defence well…

Harps led most of the match but a few nice points got us back in it mid second half. nothing in it with 10-15 to go but a couple of goals allowed Synger to get ahead and close it out.