Dublin Junior Football All County Championship (JAC 1) 2018


Is it 1 team from each group to progress?


I thought 2?


it’s 2 from each group.




Na Fianna 4-10 Ballinteer 2-10


Skerries 2-14 Whitehall 0-10


If two teams are level on points after the 3 games, is it head to head or points difference that decides it?


At the moment. Yes.


Yes to which one?


Head to Head first


Clontarf beat TSS by a point 1-13 to 1-12 I think. Very good game


Anyone any idea what way the quarter final draw will look? Is it group 1 and 2 paired with each other and group 3 and 4 paired with each other?


Is it too 1 or top 2 from groups to progress?
I’d have thought as all teams get 3 games, it would be semi finals not quarters.


Top 2 go through to the quarter finals so there’ll be 8 teams in the quarter finals. There’s a relegation payoff too but I’m not sure who goes into that, maybe the 4 bottom teams?


Na Fianna 3-9 Whitehall 0-10


Clontarf beat Mearnog


Pereguines didn’t bother turning up for our match yesterday. Management received a phone call 30 mins before throw in saying they conceded the match. Bad form considering they would have known the night previous and could have let us know. Would have saved me the 2+ hour drive up from Tipp and having to explain to the better half why we left her parents at 8am for a match that didn’t happen :frowning:


I see they gave a walkover against Scoil in JAC 5 also!


How much are clubs fined for giving walkover in a championship game?


I think it’s €200