Dublin Junior Football All County Championship 5 (JAC5) 2018


ha ha defo the kickouts na its down to work commitments u must be playing for this skerries team yourself good win yesterday


I doubt he’s still playing at his age !


I was playing smart hole, scored 5 goals in my last 4 games actually. However an not playing at the moment for personal commitments, but still a huge interest as I was actually player manager up until end of august


You leave my hole out of this Smarty Pants.


Yes I am.


Could be a bit of a reunion on the cards !


Ah bollix!! You will have to go easy on me this time!


I don’t think there’ll be an issue at this stage. We might come to a “no running agreement” before the match


Have the pairings been decided on for the ¼ & ½ finals?


Isnt there a meeting tomorrow night to decide the definitive time and date for Senior Final?? Could possibly be on the agenda then, not that I’d bank on that!!


Anyone know who won the balinteer match at the weekend in this championship just wondering because we played balinteer in the championship this year I play for Ballyboden St Endas


21/10 14:30

Last 16 - Fingal Ravens v Trinity Gaels

28/10 14:00
Q/final - Kilmacud Crokes v Parnells
Q/final - Fingal Ravens / Trinity Gaels v O’Dwyers
S/final - Ballymun Kickhams v Skerries Harps


Hope your regrading went through OK :wink:


ha ha be more worried abourt yours


Is that a back-handed compliment?


Na, I’ve been playing at ‘this level’ love that saying, for the last 4 years I think. Played 2 league matches with the seconds last year and probably the same the year before when they were REALLY stuck, but no championship in many years


You’re just not good enough for champo !


No official word on the Trinity Gaels v Fingal ravens match for this weekend. Both teams relying on reservoir dubs for information. County board need to sort their mess out


Sunday 21st October, 2018

Junior 5 All County Football Championship Rolestown 14:30 Fingal Ravens v Trinity Gaels TBC

Sunday October 28th, 2018

Junior 5 All County Football Championship q/f Silverpark 14:00 Kilmacud Crokes v Parnells
Junior 5 All County Football Championship q/f Rolestown/ Druimnigh 14:00 Fingal Ravens / Trinity G v O’Dwyers
Junior 5 All County Football Championship s/f Pairc Ciceam 14:00 Ballymun Kickhams v Skerries Harps


Fixtures were sent to clubs by CCC last night