Dublin Junior Football All County Championship 5 (JAC5) 2018


I reckon Ballinteer and fingal ravens having played both these teams in the championship this year really good teams


Funny how Raves who are 2nd from bottom of division 11 can be motoring in this championship, Ballinteer also playing their trade in division 11, I doubt they can turn over a parnells side from div 7 who threw their senior championship status and more than likely have a number of lads from a higher grade available to play in this championship


Lucan game changed to 12th Lock, same time


Harps 0-13 Clann Mhuire 1-9


Ballymun beat lucan 2-13 to 1-11


O’Dwyers beat Peregrines after extra time. Competitive game from start to finish.


2-14 to 2-08 AET. Was 1-09 to 2-06 at FT.


Thats a great result out there. Not the easiest place to play especially in Champo at any level


No ref turned up to the Ravens v TG game.
Championship held up again. Some teams in semis and some teams not even played last 16 match.


Ravens never called the ref to confirm. The CCC had a trinity ref down at 1st to ref the game then switched refs. Both refs showed up at the same game and none at the trinity game. Surely trinity will get the game moved to there grounds due to Ravens not calling the ref to confirm???


That’s a shambles. The fixture set up has been a joke now the referee debacle. Teams waiting now for the competition to catch up on itself. They never got this Champo set up right from the start. Group matches still being played while last 16 games commencing, then yesterday we had 2 Q/F matches while the rest play the last 16. Beggars belief!!

Any idea when the draw(s) being done for the next round(s)


Looking at DublinGAA they made a little bit of a mess of the fixtures.Robert Carthy refereed the O’Dwyers v Peregrines yesterday. Gavin Donegan is the Trinity referee. Possibly he should of been out in Balbriggan and Robert in Swords. I didnt think the two lads showed up in Balbriggan yesterday but could be wrong.



Do Referee’s not get the email of the fixtures they are assigned to?? Surely the TG Ref would have known the game he was down for was a massive conflict of interest and sought to rectify an obvious error


You get a text normally the Monday or Tuesday before the game and you get sent out a match report sheet also for the game.


No match reports any more just a text the Monday before the game. Mix ups happen I’m sure no one did it on purpose.


there will have to be midweek games now


Doubt there will be any midweek matches. There are 2 teams through to the Semi’s, I wonder will they play that in the next scheduled championship fixture weekend. I assume you are togging out for this team with your interest in it? Is this your AFL11N team?


Only if those teams have drawn each other in the semi finals.


yes I amand yes it is so your saying we should be playing skerries in semi


Thats a bit of a fall from the AFL6 team last year :rofl: Must have been all those kick outs down the throat…

No it wont definitely be Harps V Mun, but it could be

Bit of interest in this yourself… Are you playing champo for the seconds?