Dublin Junior Football All County Championship 5 (JAC5) 2018


I think that is the open draw!
But it’s a 1 draw does all levels situation (which is fair enough I think)

But problem with it is it doesn’t take into account the 8 groups in JAC5.


Fixtures up



3 games missing. I presume that is due to the game that is left to be played in Groups 4, 5 & 8 which is also fixed for the 30th Sep


Yes Ballyboden are down to play balinteer st
Johns on 30th September at 3pm in Marley park if Ballyboden win they would go through on score difference ahead of fingal ravens


That’s crap! That means if teams playing last group game on 30th others are waiting two weeks behind again!


No i see there are only 10 teams down to play but it is the last 16 so the games will be played on the 30th September along with the last group game


There are only 10 teams down to play but it is the last 16 so I would imagine the games will go ahead with the last group game also taking place on September 30th


who are fav for this


Parnells are Div7, everyone else is 9, 10 or 11, so…


Soon to be division 8 but an absolute shambles that they are in that championship. Crazy that they don’t have a third team for a club of their size


They barely had a senior team not too long ago so it’s not surprising!


Parnell’s forgot what the Gaa is all about!! More like a holiday resort not a Gaa club…


I was living abroad for a good few years so a bit out of the loop on them but they were one of the big teams when I was growing up so surprising to me anyway


They had 4 adult teams up to 5/6 years ago.


Any results in from the outstanding group games today?


Peregrines beat Wanderers by a point. 3-9 to 0-17. 3rd goal was the last score of the game just going into added time.


Clann Mhuire hammered the shite out of NGO.


Any scores from Parnell’s game and the Lucan one??


Were NGO badly constipated?


Balinteer beat Ballyboden 1-16 to 1-4 good game of football