Dublin Junior Football All County Championship 5 (JAC5) 2018


Bsj 4.15
Ravens 1.7

Bsj were 3.9 to one point up at half time


If a team gives a walkover they are eliminated and their previous scores are wiped.
Score difference will count without that team.


its 2 all groups had 4 teams


So marks are winners and NGO second here:


From my reading of the rule it is head to head. As NGÓ beat Good Council NGÓ are in second place as far as I know.


Does anyone know for sure if the top team is going into a quarter final or are first & second going into last 16.


Isn’t there something in place re a mini league between the 3 teams & the team with the highest points total finishes top of that mini league?


its top 2 8 groups so its only last 16 stage


How sure of that are you?


I would have faith in my manager who says it was top 2 and we played lucan yesterday they were under impression it was top 2 aswel unless you know otherwise then tell us


Well your manager may not be lying to you, but may not be fully informed, or maybe is, I dont actually know the answer, but I’m also hearing it is top team only as the fixtures that came out last week said qtr finals for championship, not mention of last 16


it would be a shock because I say a lot of teams didn’t put in full effort yesterday if they taught they were already true


From CCC Regulations point 27

The top two teams of each group in all championships shall qualify for quarter-finals to be played on a knockout basis to be drawn by open draw, the draw shall be arranged to ensure that that teams from the same qualifying group do not meet in the quarter-finals. All Semi-finals shall also be drawn by open draw.

It does mention this above it though.

All Championships shall, in as far as possible, be confined to a maximum of 16 teams and shall be drawn
in Groups of 4 by open draw and played on a round robin basis.

Its unclear what happens for this championship but it can’t be 1/4 final with 16 teams. We were under the impression it is 2 teams go through aswell.


Refer to section 26 and let me know what you think?


The writing is too small and I’m too hungover to think at the moment :+1:t2:


It says rule 6.21. 4 c applies which is head to head


Ah balls.

Did yis lose many to the first team? Thought you’d would’ve trashed Garristown as you guys were very strong against us


Lost a good few but we also had a lot unavailable and injured so we had a poor team out yesterday.


Is it an open draw in this championship for the last 16


Yes. Only exception is that you cant draw the other team that came out of your group.


Not.open draw in Junior grades apparently.