Dublin Junior Football All County Championship 5 (JAC5) 2018


We bet brendans by 1 point in a tight game. 10 to 1-06. Did anyone get the text to submit the score?


Footnote. A young lad (Hussey) reffed the game. Very good ref for this level


Any score from St Marks v Garristown


I heard that marks hammered Gtown


Garristown gave a walk over.


Mun beat Fins 1-10 to 1-07, not adjusted on Hill 16


St Maurs have conceded the match to Ballyboden st Enda’s on Sunday 16th September


Would say there could be a few of these with the top 2 already sorted in a lot of groups


Barrog beat Brendans 4-16 to 3-12. Very good game


O’Dwyers beat Castleknock 2-19 to 2-6 today in group 7. Decent second half from O’Dwyers after being 3 down at half time


Anyone know the result of the balinteer St. John’s vs fingal ravens match in this championship group 8 just wondering


Anyone know when the draw for the next round will be completed


Group 2:
Marks beat good counsel
Garristown beat NGO.

3 teams ( counsel, NGO and Garristown) finish on 2 points behind marks. What’s the tiebreaker bearing in mind Garristown gave a walkover to St Marks earlier on in the group.


Yea strange one, I dont think points difference counts if there has been a walkover involved. A 3 way play off for the playoff spot? That would mean another 3 weeks before the next round could be played…

We got a walkover from Finians N. Dead rubber as they were already last and we had already won the group. Does anyone know how you submit the result for a walkover? I tried to do it using wg op but it registered as not played


According to the regulations , a team that gives a walkover is eliminated. Sure we’ll see what happens


Is it 2 from each group going through in this or one?


My understanding is that Garistown are automatically placed to the bottom of the 3 way table and then it would be head to head between the other two.


Balinteer St. John’s still have to play Ballyboden st Enda’s in group 8 of this championship just wondering if anyone knows the result from balinteer St. John’s vs fingal ravens match from yesterday


Does anyone if the balinteer St. John’s vs fingal ravens match was played yesterday and does anyone know the result if the match was played yesterday


I’d say 1 straight quarters then