Dublin Junior Football All County Championship 5 (JAC5) 2018


Probably want to get that sorted. First round of games are this weekend…


The weather is going to cause more problems this weekend with matches getting called off.


St Brendan’s vs St Finians (N) to go ahead this Sunday straight after Junior 1 Championship game


ballyboden and trinity gaels have been added into this


Scoreline is wrong way around.


O’Dwyers also beat Man O War by 2 points in the other game in this group


Skerries Harps 1:16 Naomh Barrog 2:09 wrong score on Dublingaa website
Decent game of ball for the time of year


Parnell’s beat Brigid’s 3-13 to 1-05 or thereabouts


Interesting for a Div 7 side!


Did youse play Finains (N) on Sunday? There is no result on dublin gaa site.


Finians won though didn’t get the scoreline.


Brendans won in Junior 5, Finnians N beat them in Junior 1 according to Finnians Bookface page


Jaysus this group is like a mystery murder script


Castleknock 4-13 Man O War 0-12


Barrogs beat finians Newcastle .Sound lads best of luck going forward!


Counsel 0-4 NGO 2-10

NGO management team a bunch of yahoos. Hope they get taken down a peg or two soon.

NGO much the bettern side. Fair dues to them.


It’s like that playing against them in hurling too. Nothing new there.


Trinity Gaels beat O’Dwyers by 7. Decent game of football.


Crokes beat Brigid’s 1-11 to 1-05.


Huge he win for Castleknock! Huge after beaten by TG.
Big game between Castleknock and O Dwyers now.

TG 1-12 0-7 O Dwyers today.

Young ref did well.