Dublin Junior Football All County Championship 5 (JAC5) 2018


Scheduled for this weekend at 2.30 in Naul again. Good planning, whats the chances of Naul being unplayable again this weekend?


Parnells bet harps today 13-8. Hard luck lads


Anyone else laughing at Nell’s 2nd team in the bottom tier of dublin club championship when their 1st team was senior 1 and their 2nd tea was junior A last year?
Then again they did not dole out any hammerings in the knockout stages so they probably are where they should be.


I don’t think anyone laughed at Nells 2nd team at all, reading through this thread from the start they were the clear favourites for this championship considering their league status at the beginning of the year at division 7 albeit they were relegated to division 8. They led in every game of this championship and were clearly deserved winners outright.
That being said a team in Division 7/8 and even possibly 9 should be in a higher championship as the bottom championship should be reserved for division10/11 and the bottom 4 of division 9 possibly.


This was really a quick win and quite simply to do when they resructed the championships but they made a mess of it and it’s too late now
Should have been as simple as this for the All county championships
Intermediate = Div 3 & 4
Junior 1 = Div 5 & 6
Junior 2 = Div 7 & 8
Junior 3 = Div 9 & 10
Junior 4 = Div 11 N & S

Doesn’t make sense why we have 5 junior championships with some teams 4 divisions above others in the same group



Also doesn’t make sense having 4 all county junior championships with 4 groups and then the 5th with 8 groups.
I know some of the group’s weren’t full, but why not go with 6 all county championships all with 4 groups?


That is what I meant TCH, it was soft of them if they did elect to play so low but to be fair they were probably afraid of getting hammered and not being able to fulfill fixtures, which has been their issue for about 5 years now as theyve went down 4 divisions in 4 years.
They might now see a reverse on fortunes in next years league.


There have been many a team that has seen highs and lows over the last few years, North county Dublin has seen the demise of some teams only to see them gradually come back. Lusk back in Division 2 after many years, Man O War up to Division 3, we have seen fluctuations with Skerries, Fingallians, Ballyboughal. Also the Naul who have floated between 3 and 4 for a few years.
Parnells made their own mess with imports and a lot of waste, not much sympathy doing the rounds for them by all accounts. A strong football competition at all levels in Dublin can only be for the benefit of the county, keep us striving for 5 in a row and if young lads are to come back to clubs and a treated fairly then fair play, competition is always a good thing,


Don’t think Lusk were ever div 2 before or senior championship


I believe they were when all the Dorans were playing for them, its a few years ago now. Maybe I got mixed up with div 3 and 2 but was sure Lusk were division 2 in the past


The Parnells thing really fcuked up leagues over the last 7 odd years. Its started with the imports and the seniors got up to division 1. All their “original lads” went down to division 8 and rocketed up to division 4 (hammering everyone in sight and Ive first hand experience playing against them in afl5 the year they won every game). Then the imports left and Parnells 2nd team were easy pickings and fell down the divisions along with their seniors.

Now they go and win the lowest the championship after giving a walkover in the senior championship.

Great stuff.


Lusk were never in 2


Was thinking that!!


It’s been a great year for North County teams alright. Promotions for Fins (back to back?) and Skerries to Div 1, Lusk to Div 2 and MOW to Div 3 as you say, and Skerries 2nds staying up intermediate. Only big sides who struggled are Syls obviously, Portmarnock, which is ongoing, and the Maurs had a quiet year. All in all a very good year out that way, you’d know they don’t hurl :grinning::yum:

Lusk winning the Inter champo too, can’t forget that.

Also forgot Maggies winning Div 4. Great achievement


It’s hard enough to get some teams out to play football against us in the North county, and you want to give us sticks…


We’ve no time for the small ball out here :sunglasses:


No, Towers have never been Div 2 before. Back in the early 90s, when we started playing in the Dublin leagues, we started off in the old Inter 2 (Now div 4) and got promoted to Div 3. Had a few seasons there before falling back to 4 and eventually 5, but have never experienced the heady heights of Div 2 before. The Dorans were good, but not that good! Except for Jer, he was unbelievable! :sunglasses::sunglasses: