Dublin Junior Football All County Championship 2 (JAC2) 2018


Was it not someone from Olaf’s that said they were through. Hill16 has a playoff between Brigids and Olaf’s for the 30th. As far as I know a walkover results in all score difference being scrapped and it goes on head to head and seeing as that was a draw a playoff is the only outcome


Spot on. Playoff is the correct outcome.


Davis’s beat Maurs in 1/4 final today.


Castleknock 1.17 St Jude’s 1.8


Lucan beat St Marys by 5 points


Anyone know when Olafs v Maggies 1/4 will be played. Will it be the 14th which will delay 1 semi final until 28th.


Being played on Tuesday the 9th


Castleknock 2-14 Olafs 0-9


Thomas Davis beat Lucan by 1pt


Castleknock are favourites from the very start and should win the championship, but i have said from the start if there was a team to beat castleknock it would be this TD team. by looking at recent results TD can handle pressure and seem to turn up against the bigger sides. will look to be an enjoyable game.


Final fixed for 28th October 2pm in Monastary Road Pitch Poor enough location for a County Final in my opinion


What would you suggest?


Played on this pitch recently and was in great condition


Is it because it’s not in a bigger venue? Monastary road has a savage pitch to be fair!


Just think its an odd choice of venue for a county final. Pitch is decent granted not sure about dressing rooms etc.


Been a long time since I’ve been out there, don’t know too much about the facilities, but as long as it’s a full size pitch in good condition I’ll not complain


Great pitch and railing going around it


Castleknock 4-13 Thomas Davis 0-15 in the final.