Dublin Junior Football All County Championship 2 (JAC2) 2018


Group 1
Castleknock (div 4
Naomh Olaf (div 7
St Brigids (div 7
O’Tooles (div7

Group 2
St Marys div 7
St Brendans div 10
St Annes div 7
St Judes div 6

Group 3
St Margarets(div7)
Fingal Ravens(div6)
St Oliver Plunketts(div6)
St Maurs(div5)

Group 4
Lucan Div6
Thomas Davis Div6
Scoil Ui C Div 7
Balinteer Div 7


Can’t see anyone stopping Castleknock there.

I’d say that’s Brendan’s division 5 team instead of their division 10


would they not be in the 1st team competition?


Apologies, they should be. Brendan’s are in the all county championship 5 though too so I’m assuming that’s they’re division 10 team? I don’t think they have another team in between 5 and 10?


Yea I think thats a mistake and they have been entered twice in the Junior a and the all county 2 for the same team


Brendan’s have now been taken out of this championship


OPER 1.7 Maurs 3.8

In a slodgy Phoenix Park.


Castleknock 0-16 Olafs 2-7