Dublin Junior Football 1 All County Championship (JAC 1) 2018


Is it 1 team from each group to progress?


I thought 2?


it’s 2 from each group.




Na Fianna 4-10 Ballinteer 2-10


Skerries 2-14 Whitehall 0-10


If two teams are level on points after the 3 games, is it head to head or points difference that decides it?


At the moment. Yes.


Yes to which one?


Head to Head first


Clontarf beat TSS by a point 1-13 to 1-12 I think. Very good game


Anyone any idea what way the quarter final draw will look? Is it group 1 and 2 paired with each other and group 3 and 4 paired with each other?


Is it too 1 or top 2 from groups to progress?
I’d have thought as all teams get 3 games, it would be semi finals not quarters.


Top 2 go through to the quarter finals so there’ll be 8 teams in the quarter finals. There’s a relegation payoff too but I’m not sure who goes into that, maybe the 4 bottom teams?