Dublin Junior F Hurling Championship (JHC F) 2018


Wrong, Trinity were div 8 last year.


my bad


Any idea when the quarters are on?


st pats beat clontarf handy


Semi final line up:

Erin Go Bragg vs St Pats §
Round Towers Lusk vs Fingallians


Who won these games


Egb beat pats by about 6 and finals beat lusk by 3.


0-16 Fingallians
0-14 RT Lusk

Congrats to our Swords neighbors, although the three subs that were brought on at half time and completely changed the game were highly debatable Junior F hurlers…


Fins could have players available now with their football division 2 campaign finished up


Congratulate them then accuse them of playing bangers :joy: is that fingallians second or third team?




when / where is the final?


Sunday the 18th in Collinstown lane at 14.30