Dublin Junior F Hurling Championship (JHC F) 2018


Thanks for the update
Will try and improve the scoring difference
When we play you next Sunday .
Hopefully we can try and field and not give a walk over .

How did wild geese get on today ?


Whitehall gave Isles a walkover


Wild Geese gave Lusk a walkover…


Yep game was moved to the Monday I think. But believe we couldn’t field then either.


Is anyone else downright pissed off at all of the walkovers in the division? I understand the difficulty in getting teams together and the trouble of lads committing at the start of the year and then not following through by actually showing up for matches / training. But how are there so many? Is it the change in structure? Maybe they should have kept it to the 4 groups instead of 2. Clubs might have been able to pull teams together for 2/3 games whereas 6 is a stretch.