Dublin Junior F Hurling Championship (JHC F) 2018


Thanks for the update
Will try and improve the scoring difference
When we play you next Sunday .
Hopefully we can try and field and not give a walk over .

How did wild geese get on today ?


Whitehall gave Isles a walkover


Wild Geese gave Lusk a walkover…


Yep game was moved to the Monday I think. But believe we couldn’t field then either.


Is anyone else downright pissed off at all of the walkovers in the division? I understand the difficulty in getting teams together and the trouble of lads committing at the start of the year and then not following through by actually showing up for matches / training. But how are there so many? Is it the change in structure? Maybe they should have kept it to the 4 groups instead of 2. Clubs might have been able to pull teams together for 2/3 games whereas 6 is a stretch.


whitehall could not field against clontarf today
any other results


Pats beat o Dwyer’s handy enough. 3 reds for o Dwyer’s didn’t help them


Lusk bet Erin’s Isle…



pats to play clontarf next
winner will finish 2nd in group

not that it matters
lusk are surely way to strong for this championship and deserve to play at a higher level .

way to many walkovers in this championship this year


O Dwyers are a disgrace


bit harsh



The social hurling / masters hurling concept that Clontarf and Raheny came with a couple of years is probably a better format than trying to be competitive at Junior F level and struggling to get lads out.


social hurling has an age limit .
it also is to get lads back hurling .
clontarf started with social hurling to get some lads back .
we have fielded a team this year in division 9
and in the f championship .
even tho we are not competitive or even want to progress in any competitions we just want to enjoy the bit of crack .

i think a lot of clubs this year that entered into junior f championship this year was an admin error .


I think theres a few ‘bangers’ playing the social hurling so :joy: The concept of having a more chilled out event is the appealing part to get lads back. Maybe more cup games or an additional/ modified tournament to allow more focus on ball work and less running. Eg. A 10 aside tournament on a large juvenile pitch. Also why do we need a Junior F championship? If you have a really strong JF team they are probably able to compete at JE championship. Takes the pressure off the teams that don’t have the numbers or are reliant on auld lads who’d like to play but whose bodies don’t take to too many games.


is there any real challenger to Lusk in this?


not on this side of the group
lusk a cut above everyone in there group.
you never know tho anything can happen in champo
as it gets to the buisness end
lusk may come up against a team that possibly may have a few minors to through in .


Same situation going on in the junior D champ. Na fianna div 5 or 6 team are in it. A farce.


Course there is, we’re not Cuala!!!


setanta v trinity gaels last year in the final both teams were in division 7 .
na fianna were division 6 last year and did not reach the final to gain promotion .
na fianna this year are division 5
clontarf division 6
wild geese are up to division 7
boden are division 6

not really much difference in divisions
5 , 6 , 7

wild geese should be strong in the d championship
think the geese play joeys away
that will be a good battle