Dublin Junior D Hurling Championship (JHC D) 2018



He’s been playing for Joeys since 2016.

Joeys were missing at least 10 from starting team when they played Na Fianna earlier in the year - full team present last Sunday.

Joeys won Junior E last year and Junior F the year before so I don’t know why people would think it’s a flash in the pan this year, although they have recruited some new players again.

“Number 14” scored 1-10 of Joeys’ 1-11 in last year’s final - also against NGO. Incidentally, he’s from Clare, not Clara, as was said somewhere else in the thread.


Where are Joeys playing nowadays? Not Fairview park still?


Fair play - I was jesting, and it wasn’t meant at the team/individual concerned. Great that Joey’s/OCB are making progress in hurling.


Really good Pix there Fergal


Regardless of previous championship wins in lower grades, a team who are currently third in div 8 beating a team mid table div 5 away is an extraordinary result, certainly does not happen very often at all.

Fair play and best of luck in the final, 3 championships in a row would be a great achievement .


Except it happened in 2017 as well so your ‘not happen very often’ theory doesn’t really stack up. Trinity Gaels (D8) beat Na Fianna at the same semi-final point in 2017.


Indeed, It’s simple;
1-10 from 1-11 v NGO in 2017,
2-6 from 6-12 v Realt Dearg in 2016 final,
0-9 from 0-16 v Na Fianna,
2-11 from 3-20 v Wild Geese in Q/F;
didn’t play v Na Fianna in June (exams) and v Wild Geese in August (holiday);
no big mystery.


A reformed trinity gaels team who re entered div 8 *** A lot of those lads played in higher leagues a few years ago. My opinion is based on seeing both teams twice this year, I’m not having a cut at joeys. It’s great to see a club like joeys beating na fianna. I’m just commenting that it does seem like an extraordinary result.


Is the big full back still playing? Getting on a bit now I’d say, but a very good hurler. I’d say he played at a much higher level before


He is still playing. Serious operator under a high ball.