Dublin Junior D Hurling Championship (JHC D) 2017


Well done to setanta. They wanted it more. And despite them being down to 14 for majority of second half for a straight red card offence. They kept in the game. Best of luck in final.

I’d fancy trinity to win the final


Impressive that Trinity Gaels can make a final in their first year back up and running. With the amount of housing going in around Balgriffin and Clongriffin they have a huge opportunity to improve their overall hurling setup.


Anyone know when the final is?


The gaels have some good men over them, all x senior players for the club.


saturday 16th september 3.45 parnell park


Yeah seen that.maith agat.
Great for junior hurlers to get to play in parnell pk.usually shifted over to O’toole pk


Presume the D + A finals are together. B + C are this weekend


Yeah D+A final in parnell pk.A semi’s still to be played
F+E are in O’toole pk


Best of luck to both teams tomorrow. Be great for Trinity to get a championship win in their first season back. Their club and that area needs it for hurling promotion.

I hope for both teams sake that the person down to ref it is incorrect. Could be a frustrating game for both teams


O flaherty.is that the grumpy oul boy


He is.


Any result from Setanta v Trinity game?


Trinity won.


Sneakers,you were right and wrong! The ref was outrageous but despite Trinity having a man sent off for two yellows in the first half he didn’t give Setanta much.Very disappointed to see a “senior” Trinity ex-player on the line giving the " wankers sign to the Setanta supporters and also calling them " c-----ts"! Out of order!!


He done similar against us in the league this year. Abusing the ref at every opportunity and constantly shouting at him if a decision went against his team.


It will be a very slow road back for them if that’s how they are carrying on. Not very endearing for parents and youngsters to see.


Tell u lads some shit been said about trinity here. Haters be haters champion’s be champions


over and out. Moving on to the C lads won’t be reading D any more. Enjoy


Haven’t played for both sides in higher level finals we all know what went on today and neither side came out with glory a very poor game with a poor skillset ,and honestly good luck to trinity but come on flashing cups after a game like that wtf .


Haven’t played for both sides in higher champo finals we all know what went on today poor match poor skillset flashing cups wtf.