Dublin Junior D Football Championship (JFC D) 2017


Heard Slys have strong team this year. Keith Galvin, Shay Keogh and Cian Cleere on that team


Keith on holiday and didn’t play last night!


Working on the tan no doubt. Does he still have the white socks?
He must be only player from 1995 AI team still togging out. Fair play.


I used to get Keith Galvin and Jim Gavin mixed up sometimes.

I wonder whatever happened that Jim Gavin lad?


The referee. OMG!!!
Some unbelievable decisions last night. Borderline dangerous at times


Great to see players like that still playing and contributing to the clubs, Peadar Andrews and few others still playing for my Club.


If I had a euro for every time somebody constantly called Paddy Andrews Peadar during a Dublin game (including the last one!!) I’d be an even richer man…


Is Joe McNally one of the only ones from 83 still playing🤔


Starlights beat vincents by 5 or 6 today in 1st semi final. Better team pulled away in the end but good tough championship battle for long parts.


Why are syls gone from the competition? Omitted I seen on fb.


Seen as Na fianna are through I’d imagine rules regarding eligibility of players were broken…only speculation on my part however


Seen they were due to play Kilmacud today. Your guess is as good a mine!


Na Fianna objected to sylvesters playing ineligible player so result over turned and naF progressed.


I know Na Fianna lodged an objection to a Syls player after Syls beat them in the quarters. I hadn’t heard it but the objection must’ve been upheld and Syls put out. I’ve a few connections in both clubs so might try to find out what the full story was.


Boden had same concerns when they played syls in the second round and stoped the game with 10mins to go and asked the ref to get 3/4 names and he told them hed do it at the end. The boden lads told him he jad to do it during the match and as soon as the final whistle when the slys lad scarpered


heard in work syls afl3 team were playing bangers in a recent league game tooo


Any word who won?


Kilmacud crokes


Cheers…congratulations to crokes and commiserations to the lights…


At least we can say we were bet by the eventual winners. Well done Crokes, good side. Did Liam Og and Griffen play?