Dublin Junior C Football Championship (JFC C) 2017


Maybe drop up to Vins and ask a young lad to keep tabs on score, if there’s no Junior games on should be plenty of them about :scream:


Brigids championship team will be hard to beat.Peader Andrews,Anto Briody and Warrem Finnegan are ex seniors. Does Barry Cahill play for juniors?


Alan Nolan (ex hurling keeper) too. Not sure re Barry Cahill.


Think Alan Nolan played senior football in goal years ago for Brigids


Seen Nolan play full forward at Inter level a few times. Decent player…


St Brigids 2-17 Lucan 2-15 after extra time


Unlucky Lucan. Fair play Brigids. I am sure it is all within the rules but there is no way that panel of players are the same as the usuals in AFL6.


You’re not allowed say that here . Rico will have an issue. It’s within the rules but it’s bizarre that a near bottom league team beats a top team in the same league


Comhghairdeas Naomh Bríd.
ó Na Gaeil Óga.


It’s Championship . Anything can happen . Plus you have no idea who played ?

As an aside , Lucan will feel they left that behind , 6 up at ht and needed 2 late points to get the game to extra time . They went 4 up at the start of extra time also and still couldn’t close it out , well drilled & organised side , subs brought on for them weee nowhere near the level that they replaced. Brigids cuter and never let the heads drop , congrats to them .
John Doyle at 14 was very good for Lucan . From being beside a few Brigids lads it was an oldish team full of experience. Warren Finnegan , no 21 who came on , Alan Nolan & There no 10 were very good . Peader Andrews went off after 5 mins injured . Brigids didn’t seem to have anyone from a higher level , well didn’t stick out anyway as all the lads that played well were old enough



Thats the same team that plays week in week out in AFL6, bar one player No. 10 for Brigids who hasn’t kicked a ball for two years(knee injury), everyone else on that team plays and im sure Lucan can confirm this from league and champo games, few players who came on a did well have been on this team for years, No. 21 John Dunning is 44 is no Banger!!


There is no hope a bottom of afl 6 team who are just about avoiding relegation and have played games with only 15 players is the same team that had players coming off the bench to win champo! Fair play to them but be a fool to think it wasn’t a club effort


players that were mentioned above are all part of this team In AFL6 bar No. 10 as mentioned who is just back from injury but has played with this team in the past, sure a div 6 team narrowly lost a “A” final on Friday hardly far fetched to think and div 6 team win a “C”


And we’re these players playing week in week out, cause they definitely weren’t playing the three games I seen… plus ballymun are “unbeaten” in the league so is very belivable that team is capable of doin well in champo


Yes they have been bar the one mentioned due to injury, No.21 that came on also is in his 40’s and has played on this team for 10 + years, Peadar Andrews, Warren finnegan, anto Briody etc are all on this team and play every week…


What 3 games did you see??


Whitehall, ballymun and Vincent’s, and the Vincent’s and ballymun games seem like be missing a few players that were in champo, and from looking back from results a champo winning team took some heavy beatings this season


Was only at the Whitehall game myself, a game they should have won, all of the above would have been playing bar Warren Finnegan if memory serves, sour grapes if you ask me, this team has been knocking on the door for years, every year its semi at least for them, not a major shock at all…


But I’m sure you can understand a reasonable question from a team second in the same league asking how the “same” team is near bottom of the league


What?? They lost 4-11 to 0-12 to Vincent’s, and there lucky vincents were giving their bench a run or could have been more… and ur trying to tell me that team won a champo four weeks later without the help of club players?? I don’t blame them I couldn’t name a club who doesn’t but there is no convincing me here