Dublin Junior C Football Championship (JFC C) 2017


That lad transferred in this year if you check the transfers on gaa.ie


First league win yesterday. Must had your “championship team” yesterday :slight_smile:


How old is Warren Finnegan??


Not far off in most off the games, two draws in there aswell, anyone who has seen this team play for the last 6/7 years will know they are never far off in this champo and always competitive in the league, majority of the team in made up of players who played at a higher level and dropped down, hurlers, and lads who have been with them since they were Div 11…


Good question, id guess between 35-37, he is the one who was questioned a couple of weeks ago, played a full year with the AFL6 team last year and this since dropping from the AFL3 team.


Serious player, he would be on most clubs senior team


Yeah he’s magic, he was struggling a small bit with the pace of the game in inter and games so moved down, be hard to find a better striker of the ball than him.


Most clubs senior teams? Think it’s time you went for a lie down


Was thinking the same meself!


He’s very strong at the level he is playing at now, anything above is a stretch at this stage in his career…


What’s the issue here? Nothing unusual about that.


Hi Warren[quote=“Jimmy, post:67, topic:1984, full:true”]
Serious player, he would be on most clubs senior team

Hi Warren


I think you need permission from the County Board to record games now.


Maybe Jim Gavin was getting video to assess potential of warren with Connolly out.


Will the Brigids/Garristown game be streamed live? :wink:


If permission is Granted by the County board:joy:


Does anyone know for a fact it was someone from Garristown doing the filming? TBH im not sure why anyone would think filming their league game would be any advantage to them with their hurlers to be parachuted into the side.

Could also just as easy have been Lucan or Maggies. Bridgids are raging hot favourites after all!!!




I heard Jim Mc Guinness is flying in from China to be the analyst .


Brolly ain’t happy the coverage sky have been giving the tie, big corps taking over…