Dublin Junior B Hurling Championship (JHC B) 2018


So that’s one ground. There’s 12 teams between the B and D. Surely some chopping and changing could have been done. Lazy is all it is


That’s just one example. There are plenty of reasons why grounds cannot be used as neutral venues. If it was easy it would be done for all games but it isn’t.


So if something’s not easy the county board won’t do it? Sounds about right!

Just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. They may only be a junior competitions but ya can be sure that the players and mentors don’t view it like that.


Wasn’t just last year has been that way for years. First time I’ve seen this.


Could easily be facilitated if they looked hard enough! my own club could host 2 matches that day as we have nothing on in the afternoon at all. Just 1 minor match in the morning. Most clubs would actually have free pitches that Sunday unless their minors are at home. They create problems for themselves with a blatant disregard towards lower championships, either have all home or all neutral don’t pick and choose.


Did ye offer your grounds?


It’s just an example that there is pitches free across Dublin that day. I’m sure if clubs were asked they could facilitate, it’s not up to a club to offer pitches for neutral venue?!


Have to agree with you there’s plenty of free pitches across Dublin, county board just couldn’t be arsed to facilitate the lower championships. Should have just left the draw the way it used to be home draw for 1/4 final and semi final if you finish top of your group. What’s the point in an open draw?


have to agree with you on that one the only team who can feel hard done by is skerries as they finished top of there group wouldnt be happy at all if i was them.


Who would you think will come out on top between cuala and craobh having played both yourself ??


It’ll be tight, reckon Craobh could see it through with their experience but it really is a toss up. Winner of the competition should come from that game.


Cuala won by 1 point vs CC


Dearg by 4 vs skerries. Pulled away at the end in another hard fought game


Dearg vs. Cuala then - a repeat of 2017 C Championship Final?


Cuala are some hurling club. They seem to be at the business end of every championship


Except senior you mean?


LOL, Semi final aint exactly an early exit


Realt Dearg won’t be too happy to have to face that Cuala team again


Presume Cuala are big favourites for this?


I wouldn’t say big favourites but I would have them as favorites