Dublin Junior B Hurling Championship (JHC B) 2018


Cuala are young and quick and decent hurlers, Craobh seemed to have a mix of young lads and some experienced players, well able to threaten the goal.


Should make a decent match so who would you fancy yourself to win between cuala and craobh?after playing against both ?


and craobh beat skerries in the first round of the championship as they say any team can win on any givin day but it defo makes for an exciting finish to the championship wich is good to see


Craobh have the likes of smiley Ger Ennis and a few other lads who would have won senior titles and a good mix of youth should be a good game… Winner of this game to be the overall winners


ger ennis must be in his 40’s great player who loves the game he was always very fit and still going it must be great to have him around the team for the young lads on the team.


Yeah it’s important to have older lads on the team to help the younger fellas. It’s a weakness in the current NF senior side. Some people seem to get this mixed up with bottle… unless it’s their own club.


Realt & Skerries have had some great battles in the past, they both seem to have emerged from their slumber around the same time a few years ago and have risen together


this is a junior B thread nothing got 2 do with senior sides.


Same principle.


so who do you fancy in the 2 semi finals in the junior B championship


Im immensely jealous of lads like this.

Agree with all of the post by the way!


I think Skerries will beat Realt Dearg but the other one is much harder to call. I fancy Craobh I think (not your club of course :wink:) - good win over Crokes in the QF and probably have the more experienced and wiser heads.


agree on skerries but i fancy cuala meself beaten only once in the league above craobh agree craobh will have the more experinced players should be a great game for me this is the final thats with no disrespect to skerries or realt dearg just cant see either of them beating cuala or craobh.


Realt Dearg v Skerries 11.00 7th Oct Drimnagh Castle

Cuala v Craobh 11.00 7th Oct Shanganagh Park


How do Realt Dearg have home advantage here? Skerries topped their group which means they should be at home for quarter and semi?


Strange one alright. Considering they are Championship semi finals it would have been nice to have neutral venues and have a champo atmosphere about them. I know last year group winners got home quarters and semi don’t think that was the case this year. looks like flip of a coin


If I was the skerries manager I would be questioning this, why do an open draw and then not have neutral venues. If there giving home advantage it should be skerries and cuala. County board making rules up as they go along again. Senior A, B, intermediate junior A all neutral venues why not junior B,C,D and so on?


Apparantly all hurling champ semi finals were an open draw with neutral venues. If no neutral venue available first team drawn would get home advantage. Pity it’s all not made clear earlier.


Ridiculous and lazy by the county board. How can they decide there’s no neutral ground available? Play Cuala game in realt dearg and vice versa. I’m sure I’m missing something as that sounds too easy but surely they could have found some neutral venues


Cuala play home hurling games in council grounds. It’s in all council letting agreements that pitches cannot be used by other teams.