Dublin Junior B Hurling Championship (JHC B) 2018


They seem to change the rules every year. Different rules for league and championship also. And to be honest, no teams seem to know what they have to do to qualify before last round of matches in this kind of scenario. Given that Plunketts and Craobh finished level on points and score difference, it does seem fairest to give the head to head advantage then.

Should def be more clarity on these things though.


Every club would of been notified of the rules surrounding league placings at the start of the year I’d imagine. So it’s down to the clubs to know what way the league placings are settled.


@Boarddelegate1 can you clarify here for us all ?


The fairest thing to do as someone said should be the score difference between the 3 teams tat finished level on 6 points each I doubt craobh will be happy if tats not the case considering they beat skerries but in saying tat I don’t think it will matter having played craobh twice this year I don’t think they will fear playing anyone they have easily 6 or 7 tat we’re playing senior hurling last year


The delegates from every club voted on each regulation last December. Of the two options put forward they decided on an open draw but teams from the same group can’t meet. The feeling was that championship should be about the luck of the draw etc.


Any predictions for tomorrow’s matches I think skerries, plunketts, craobh and Cuala


Any results?


Craobh beat us by 11 I think.


Cuala beat counsel


Really strong side craobh are at this level slot of there players were involved with there seniors last year


Harps win!


What are the semis looking like now so?


Was the semi final draw done for this championship ?


Well isn’t it the two 1st place teams from the groups have home advantage in the semi? And then it’s just a question of who plays Realt Dearg and who gets Craobh?


Realt Dearg v Skerries Harps
Cuala v Craobh Chiarain

Games are to be played on weekending October 7th. Dates, times and venues will be announced after the C.C.C. meet on Tuesday evening.


Two great games there very hard to pick a winner from both matches, cuala and skerries topped there groups so maybe there slight favorites in both ?


agree 2 very good games cuala top of AHL 5 and craobh unbeaten in AHL 6 think the winner of this game should go on to win it.


That’s what I’d expect having played both Cuala and Craobh this year. Mind you haven’t played Skerries in a few years.


What are both cuala and craobh like ?


Think skerries beat cuala in the league this year I’m sure they will have a huge say in this as will realt dearg.