Dublin Junior B Hurling Championship (JHC B) 2018


Crokes beat Crumlin by double digits… Crumlin 6 up after early on against the wind, somehow (silly frees) 4 down at half time, stayed that way till the last 15 minutes, scuttery goal for Crokes, they took their points while Crumlin went for goals… A needed win for both sides!

Just to add to the misery, ref got the score wrong at ht… Gave Crokes one of our points…


Plunketts got a walkover from Faugh’s


Crumlin gave a performance this morning against Whitehall worthy of exiting the competition, Crumlin in total control in the first half and up by only a point and never came out in the second half and to be fair Whitehall took some nice scores in a low standard match and won by 5. The ref didn’t really know the rules of the game but the game was clean so ended up balanced.


Crokes beat Realt Dearg 1-14 to 1-12


Skerries beat Plunketts by 7


Realt Dearg beat Whitehall by 4 I think it was in the end…

Not to be telling players from other clubs how to conduct themselves, but knowing what it’s like to carry a team… When someone does that for you, is involved in everything and scores 90% of your tally and gives away one free, it reeks of professional jealousy to hear a raft of abuse half way across the pitch probably from a hurler that never was…

Number 20 from Realt was a class act, say he was some hurler not so long ago, should have wore a county jersey for somebody if he didn’t!


Crumlin 1-10 Realt Dearg 4-14… 0-02 to 1-11 at ht, teams were toe to toe for 15 minutes and Crumlin defence went into disarray for the remainder into the gale! Good disciplined second half from Realt with 2 lucky goals, and timber flew, broke, bent and they weathered it, so good for their win!


Plunketts beat Craobh by 3 points which leaves Plunketts, Craobh and Skerries all tied on same points at top with 4 wins each. Skerries have best score difference and Craobh and Plunketts finish on the same score difference. How would positions be determined here anyone know?


O’Tooles couldn’t field against us this morning. Think we finish second now with Realt in third as we beat them.


O’Tooles seem to be going downhill between senior and JB. How many tens go down? I see Faughs gave a walkover against Crumlin in a relegation game. O’Tooles are due to play Kevin’s. They bet them earlier in the yr but how does the w/o impact them?


As far as I know 2 teams go down, so that would be Faughs plus loser of O’Tooles, Kevins. W/O would’ve effected them by putting them bottom of group and against Kevins instead of 2nd from bottom with a loss and playing Faughs in other game.


Craobh finish 2nd & Plunketts 3rd…based on score difference in the games between the 3 teams.


Quarter finals listed on www.dublingaa.ie

I think Plunketts should be away to Crokes & Croabh should be home to Realt Dearg though


I think you are right there think whoever made these fixtures has it wrong


I could be wrong but from talking to some of our lads they though they had to win by 4 to get second. They won by 3 and that made them level on points and score with CC but having beat them on H2H they went though ahead of them.


Ye I think craobh beat skerries in this aswell so if it was to go on the mini league between the three teams and score difference between those games only it would be skerries first craobh second Plunketts third I’m open for correction here ? Or am I doing it wrong ?


That’s my understanding…the score difference used is only from the games between Skerries, Craobh & Plunketts

Skerries +3 (Lost to CC by 4 & won by 7 against Plunketts)
Craobh +1 (Won by 4 against Skerries & lost by 3 to Plunketts)
Plunketts -4 (Lost by 7 to Skerries & won by 3 against Plunketts)


That’s the way I thought it was also


Learn not to go by the tables on the Dublin Gaa website. They don’t take into consideration more than two teams being level on points.


That’s crazy stuff altogether… I’d imagine at least 95% of the people in the competition haven’t a clue of the rules of the competition… Example our lads went out against Realt Dearg on Sunday convinced we were dead and buried and could barely field as a result, no disrespect to Realt Dearg BTW, but by that logic had we won by 6 Realt Dearg would have exited despite a significant points difference overall over the ‘mini league’ system if it exists!

Also on the relegation side (Kevin’s v O’Tooles)… I was of the view that a walkover in Championship means straight relegation (a timing mix up a few years back literally killed us as a decent intermediate football club!)