Dublin Junior B Hurling Championship (JHC B) 2018


Crokes beat Crumlin by double digits… Crumlin 6 up after early on against the wind, somehow (silly frees) 4 down at half time, stayed that way till the last 15 minutes, scuttery goal for Crokes, they took their points while Crumlin went for goals… A needed win for both sides!

Just to add to the misery, ref got the score wrong at ht… Gave Crokes one of our points…


Plunketts got a walkover from Faugh’s


Crumlin gave a performance this morning against Whitehall worthy of exiting the competition, Crumlin in total control in the first half and up by only a point and never came out in the second half and to be fair Whitehall took some nice scores in a low standard match and won by 5. The ref didn’t really know the rules of the game but the game was clean so ended up balanced.


Crokes beat Realt Dearg 1-14 to 1-12


Skerries beat Plunketts by 7


Realt Dearg beat Whitehall by 4 I think it was in the end…

Not to be telling players from other clubs how to conduct themselves, but knowing what it’s like to carry a team… When someone does that for you, is involved in everything and scores 90% of your tally and gives away one free, it reeks of professional jealousy to hear a raft of abuse half way across the pitch probably from a hurler that never was…

Number 20 from Realt was a class act, say he was some hurler not so long ago, should have wore a county jersey for somebody if he didn’t!