Dublin Junior B Football Championship (JFC B) 2017


The very man


I don’t see the relevance kid. I simply asked a question Rico . I didn’t make any insinuations
Try and keep up my dear man


Yes, as far as I know Wednesday night was his 2nd appearance in AFL1 & both were as a sub


I simply asked a question too “kid”. I notice you chose not to answer it. I ever wonder why.


You didn’t ask a question. You built an analysis on the back of an insinuation that was never made . In keeping with your attitude around here As regards the answer to your question. I think if you look at the teams left in the football championships you’ll get your answer !
Is Kev Mac still suspended for the next round of the senior championship ?


I did ask a question. The more I read of your posts the more I believe school wasn’t a strong point of yours. The “?” symbol indicates a question for future reference.
You still haven’t answered it I notice.

I’ve no idea re. Kev.


With all due respect Rico you’re not big enough to get into a pissing contest as regards education
I’ve answered your question and watch this space re Kev !


You didn’t. It was a yes or no question and I got neither from you. In the interest of not derailing another thread we’ll leave it there.


You’ll have to leave it Rico . Because you’re the one who started a nonsensical debate based on nothing but a sentence


The reality is you asked a question you knew the answer to. Don’t play the innocent on this one.

You knew well it was the same Graham Cullen but wanted to undermine the Skerries win with your snide comment. You have previous in this regard.


Well they hardly had 2 Graham Cullen’s playing had they? You were fishing. You know it, and anyone reading it knows it.


No I didn’t and I resent the accusation. But it’s in keeping with your general uneducated posts . Count yourself lucky I didn’t report it . Next time I will . ( that’s if the moderators actually do apply the same rules to all here )


Report away.

Are you honestly trying to tell me you thought there was two Graham Cullen’s in Skerries? Cop on to yourself


I’m not answerable to the self appointed moderators here . As I said you drew a conclusion from an innocuous remark . And you call me uneducated ?


It was a snide loaded remark. You’re now back tracking.
I’m not believing for a second you thought there was two graham Cullen’s in Skerrie and I reckon you’ll be doing well to find one other person on here to agree with you either.


There was no snideness Rico . It was a question . You’re floundering now


Why is it a question when you ask it but not a question when Rico asks it? Just curious as to what makes one different from the other


A bit mad having him involved in a league game 2 days before a championship final? Thankfully he didn’t get injured.


The difference is the inference drawn from the question


AFL1 team were missing a few players so had to be done