Dublin Junior A Hurling Championship (JHC A) 2017


Congrats Sneekers. How long were ye down in Junior A?


Just this season. Plenty of work to be done to compete at inter again


Congrats, good too see a first team from a club winning. (Marks would of course be the same) Keep up the good work


Stupid question time. Isles are down to play Maynooth in Leinster and are the home team. I presume the game is supposed to be played in a county ground?


Has to be played on pitch that has fencing i.e. parnells, o’toole. etc… Played one year in Parnell’s ground and Trim…


Was it Craobh and Kiltale or Kilmessan?


Setanta v Blackhall Gaels. Wasn’t playing. We then met Carlow Hurlers in next round up in Parnell’s.


Do the Leinster Council or DCB fix the venue for the matches? I see the Isles V Maynooth game is fixed for 2pm in O Toole Park this Saturday. I also see there are juvenile camogie championship matches fixed for the same time in the same venue :roll_eyes:


Leinster Council. The camogie will likely be moved.


Thanks Alan. You would have imagined they would have checked with the DCB was anything on before arranging the venue


4 finals there in juvenile camogie so i imagine it has been handed over for the day


Hopefully the hurling is moved. The daughter is playing there in one of the camogie finals @ 10am. Id hate to have to go over there twice in the one day. Some kip


Probably quicker to get there from Maynooth also than from Finglas?


You’re probably right on that one


Much better venue now that Bart the Barista has opened his mobile coffee dock there. Between that and @Harper 's new chicken wing shack, O’Toole Park is on the up …


Many’s a true word spoken in jest.


Isles beat Maynooth by 14. 1-20 to 0-9 in Leinster


Well done. Who is up next?


Playing the Laois Inter champions Trumera in O Toole Park. Hopefully they will cut the grass this week out there


Best of luck - Is that a Semi-Final?