Dublin Junior A Hurling Championship (JHC A) 2017


The argument that could be made against Erins Isle struggling to survive is that Finglas has a population of near 40 thousand and is the sole gaa club in the area and should have no problems. Reality is different. At an underage level Isles are competing with up to 14 soccer clubs, possibly more. A lot of Finglas people bring their kids to Na Fianna, Ballymun Kickhams and Whitehall. Na Fianna and Ballymun having Dublin players out of their ears and greater on the field success is a more attractive prospect for parents who want their kids to be boys/girls in blue in the future. The in laws who live in the centre of Finglas handed me a flyer that was dropped in their door a few months ago, the flyer was about joining Setanta.

Money is a key factor in developing any club. To make most of the population you’d need the schools hit by more than one GPO. Isles cannot afford that. I think up until this year both Isles and Setanta shared to same GPO. No great use for either club.

It was no great fluke that Isles had a relatively successful juvenile section in the 80s and 90s and led to their footballers contesting 5 county finals in a row. That was down to some excellent ground work by scores of people. Unfortunately people do not have the same time available to them to do the same now.

If as you say the Gaa harnessed the likes of Finglas and Tallaght there could be a bottomless pit of talent there. If they could help get half the shits off their scramblers and playing sport I would not care what sort of a level the child plays at.

Anyway enough ranting. As I said earlier I hope this gives both clubs a shot in the arm to move to the next level. And hopefully on Saturday the game will show that between Finglas and Tallaght we have more than one hurler in Dublin :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Is that allowed?
If it is, should it be allowed?
Nothing against Setanta, personally - I have long admired their work in promoting hurling in Ballymun.


Id have nothing against it personally. Clubs have to do what they can to get numbers in.

Nothing really stopping anyone delivering flyers to anywhere. Parish rules are long gone.

The in laws were a bit too old to be recruited too


Referee change for final.
Gerard Delaney is now Referee for game.


Long season for both teams regardless of who wins on Saturday. Both teams have 3 league games left and are guaranteed at least a playoff spot. Throw in Leinster too and it could go on for a while yet. Nice complaint to have at the same time


Jaysus! :frowning:


Sounds ominous


That good or bad hahaha


so @sneakersotoole what’s the story with the Isles parachuting in ex All Ireland champion Mr Herity to play in their problem GK position on Sat?. Smacks of desperation/pay for play:wink::wink:


First I have heard of it @deco. You’d have thought their goalkeeper would be alright considering the lack of goals scored against them this year. But you may know more than me. Isles normally do a Real Madrid style unveiling when anyone from outside the Finglas area joins, medical and all to check that they haven’t lost the plot and the guards are normally there to confirm the player hasn’t been kidnapped.


@sneakersotoole ah I think you’d know more than me around that position now.


Ah sure we will have to wait until Saturday to see who is playing for who. Hopefully there are team sheets for the crowd so we can see if there are any ringers playing for either team :thinking:

@TheLoneRanger will be happy as long as Con O Callaghan doesn’t turn up


wouldn’t be the first inter county hurler to be parachuted in at a lower club level recently …


Jaysus I couldn’t get my edit in in time


Looks like you were right


Whats the story there sneakers?


As far as I know David was just training with us was he not? his Girlfriend plays senior camogie for isles




Isles won by 3. Marks by far the better team in the first half but only went in two up. Isles woke up in the second half and went 7 points up heading into the last 10 minutes. Marks got back to 3 and Dotsy nearly snook a late goal to level it. Good to see both teams promoted and hopefully there is more to come


Congrats Sneekers.