Dublin Junior A Football Championship (JFC A) 2017



That’s the latest I could find on it anyway. There are different levels of Junior championship for 2nd and 3rd teams but it doesn’t say how it’s decided what junior championship they go into. There could be a lot of mismatches if/when this isn’t done right


Cub Secretaries eh … and it an Adult Football review …


I did up a rough guess of the grading based on the criteria sent out a few months back. There are 5 different levels for 1st teams only (Senior A, B, Inter and Junior 1 and 2) so should be plenty of room to avoid big gaps in standard.
There’s also an additional 4 competitions for non 1st teams so your team in D9 didn’t only be paying against other clubs 3rd teams, but against other non first teams from a similar level.

My guess on the gradings with some questions to be answered is here


Nice work! Still way too many in the new 2nd jun C, they should do a Jun d for non first teams too



By my count there’s 95 ish non first team junior teams, so three balanced championships of 32 each (1 short somewhere) or as you suggested 4 championships of 24 each (again one missing somewhere) but as I said, these were just my guesses!


So Ballymun are a 3rd team. We for to the final of the A last year. Where will that put us? Still in the A I’d imagine


In a competition with Lucan , Starlights and maybe that Brigid’s team that got relegated. A round Robin for 12 months. Just so we can have the craic on here for the year.