Dublin Junior A Football Championship (JFC A) 2017


FFS. We weren’t even playing and we are named on the video!


Discrimination as usual


Pretty bloody awful viewing though … christ will it ever stop …


Apparently it was a row about sheep


Willie Moore back playing with MOW? Good free taker off the ground


Does anyone know how the junior championship will look next year? My understanding is that it will be the standard A, B and C for first teams but what about clubs second and third teams, will there be an A, B and C championship for them too?


Front what I’ve gathered, you can forget about meaningful championship football if you’re not on a club’s first team.

There will be second team & third team competitions to enter.


Will Senior Championship start first then? Would be a much more level playing field for lower competitions if so…


So you could have the likes of Na Fianna’s second team playing in division 2 playing against club’s second teams from down in division 5, 6 and 7?


Na Fianna’s second team should be in the inter champ for non first teams


Correct as I understand it


Ah right, so there will be a second team inter championship. Will that just be decided by what league you’re in or previous championship status? My head is hurting a little bit trying to work out what they’re going to do


And what about clubs with 4 or 5 teams, will they have separate championships? So we have 3 teams but are in Div9 current D championship. Does this mean we will could be playing Crokes 3rd team from Div 4? This year we were in the same league and championship as Crokes 5th team and they won both. Will be interesting to see the groupings when they are released


example given highlights issues alright. preusme they will have in some way to tie in with league divisions to be equitable rather than straight down the line of 2nd teams / 3rd teams etc


ChampionshipGrading has nothing to do with league divisions. It will be based on previous championship grading.


Is there anywhere to get more information on this BD?


That cant be right, so the grading will be the same as last year, unless you are a clubs first team which will be in a separate championship?

So next year the junior A championship (first team only) will be the following teams only?
Man o War
St Finians N


I thought wild geese. Wanderers and starlights etc were to be in this championship


So Crumlin, man O war monicas and Finians N all in divs 3-5 will be plying Starlights in Div9? Yea that makes sense alright!


Not sure about starlights. But I presume like of the geese, wanderers.nga will be in this championship. I seen already.i think it was on Dublin gaa what the proposed championships were. Maybe someone has a link to it.