Dublin Junior A Football Championship (JFC A) 2017


A plunketts win ? Another thing I was wrong about … oh wait now !


What are ya gonna spend the €50 on :joy:


A set of t - shirts entitled The Cabal


Does anyone have a copy of teamsheets for Plunketts/Ballymun game?


Don’t have it but Plunketts lined out completely differently anyway


Was there much of a crowd ?


Unlucky ballymun hopefully keep on track for league tough loss but but very young squad there that could go far fair play plunketts enjoy 2nite


Very entertaining game played in right spirit. Plunketts started both halves very well. Mum ad a couple of good goal chances in last 5 minutes but Plunketts managed to keep it out.


Mow playing ballymurn crossabeg (wx) tomorrow. Have they much have chance? Any wexicans on here?


Man o war are fairly poor .


There isn’t really any decent first teams in the junior championship anymore. The bigger clubs 2nd and 3rd teams just seem to dominate.


Man O War beaten 1-12 to 2-1


All change next year


Will still be the same junior teams though representing in leinster


Not a surprise really . 1 point


I know what your saying, but if there’s only 1st teams next year the team that wins the championship will have momentum going into Leinster. Sure how far did mow get in the Dublin championship this year?


I think they only won 1 game


Footage of the man o war game is doing the rounds on social media!



The MOW 15 is a pox. Pure and simple. Hope he gets his cummupance