Dublin Junior A Football Championship (JFC A) 2017


Any idea if the league games mentioned above are still going ahead?


Revised fixtures were sent out last Wednesday, league games involving teams in Championship are now off


Na fianna v peregrines in Afl5 was down as off due to championship on Sunday 27th august, it was a mistake and is now back on


Ballymun have a decent bunch of minors playing with them this season. They’ve managed to beat DIV 5 teams on the way the final. Plunketts have beaten two DIV 4 and 1 DIV 5 teams but I don’t think there will be much in the game. Ballymun might have the legs on them - but it depends how many seniors Plunketts have that are eligible. Mun’ I assume have Inter players available to them but I think DIV 4 and DIV 6 divide will count for nothing on the day! @The lone ranger your bet could be in but expect a more than decent showing from Mun!


I take it these minors are 2nd year minors?


No, all under 15 and first year minors…





Jaysus - don’t start this again :joy::rofl:


Anyone know if a Parnell Pass is any use tonight? Or is it only senior games?


Applies to all club games irrespective of level. Juvenile included!


Fair play to Ballymun, great side.

Hope they get over the line tonight , be a serious achievement for a division 6 side.

Winning tonight should sate their appetite for championships this year, leave the senior for St. Vincents :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Great achievement alright. I think they will give Plunketts a serious test. Add a few players into the division 6 side and they’re a serious operation

Having said that, Plunketts probably wont have a better chance to win it either. Were very unlucky last year and made a mess of the semi the year before


I’d say these two teams will have a load of senior/inter players that can’t get a game


I doubt Ballymun will be to be honest, they’ve a great core of young lads there.

Would be a serious kick in the teeth for them if that was to happen


Is Sean George on Ballymun team?


No. He’s in America


Any result ?


Plunketts won by 2. 1-11 to 12. Serious effort from both sides, very good game


Brilliant game, very proud of the effort from our lads, never say die attitude and desire from start to finish. A credit to our club and jersey. Hard luck lads!

Congrats Plunkett’s, enjoy the celebrations. The bit of cuteness and experience was the real difference. Well done


A team to be proud of there for Ballymun. Magnificent few years for them. Hopefully can keep it on track for the league